lash together

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lash something together

to tie something or things together. Let's lash these logs together and make a raft. Lash two or three of the poles together to make them stronger.
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End-users will be able to lash together up to four NT servers into a single "system.
2) Caltrans workers lash together cargo containers with bolted cable to act as a barrier between the slide area and the open road.
They lash together three inner tubes and canvas with a few bits of rope and slip into the water.
It's not like it was in the amateur days when you used to play a game and then all go out on the lash together.
The 4-inch steel pipes, in effect, lash together separate pilings, spreading the force of waves throughout the entire pier and allowing it to withstand rough weather, Raives said.
It is evident that the Sirion isn't some lash together job and is quiet and able little car despite its sub-e14,000 price tag.
But I'm meeting up with Amy Winehouse later and she's mental and we're going to go on the lash together.
We go out on the lash together and she can drink me under the table.