lash back

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lash back (at someone or something)

to strike or fight back against someone or something—physically or verbally. Randy lashed back at his attackers and drove them away. If you threaten Fred, he'll lash back.
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Stewart used the occasion of a rain delay to lash back at British golf analyst Peter Alliss, who had been critical of the behavior in September of the U.
First WAG to lash back at Keano: 2-1 Cheryl Cole, 3-1 Alex Curran, 6-1 Coleen McCullough, 8-1 Elen Rives, Carly Zucker, Charley (Big Brother and WAG wannabe), 10-1 bar.
You were angry and frustrated, and this was a way to lash back at him.
Sir Hugh let them lash back this time with plastic bullets and live rounds to silence the terrorist gunmen.
But the Bit O'Red will be wary of a lash back from Dundalk, who lost 5-0 against Kilkenny last week.
And their response is to lash back in ways that are clearly illogical.
This prompted the series co-creator lash back with not-so-subtle remarks on Sheen's lifestyle during the show's end credit in one episode.
According to reports, the Corps Commander Called on CM Punjab at his Model Town residence and security situation affairs in the back drop of possible lash back of NWA offensive was discussed in length.
He also warned the police to be prepared for the looming lash back of terrorists, militants and criminals but assured the federal government would support to fight back.
The MQM leaders warned the "plain clothed" officials to stop illegal abduction and killings otherwise they would be compelled to lash back.
But the First Minister - and other senior Labour figures - are riled enough to lash back today.
Jonathan Shalit, her manager had admitted that he was worried that the singer-songwriter would commit suicide after she came across the social media lash back, and had arranged for surveillance at her house for two consecutive nights "to make sure she did not do anything stupid".