lash back

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lash back (at someone or something)

to strike or fight back against someone or something—physically or verbally. Randy lashed back at his attackers and drove them away. If you threaten Fred, he'll lash back.
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She knows when she's being made fun of, but she's a bigger person than to lash back.
Nebraska didn't feature the driving saxophone or soaring guitars of the E Street Band; its sparse, acoustic instrumentation and stark portrayals of desperate characters poised to lash back seemed uncharacteristically dark for the star who gave us "Thunder Road.
The Sharon government kills Hamas leaders and builds its divisive wall; Palestinian suicide bombers lash back with more blind carnage.
Of course Brit had to lash back with some comment about the girl not being a particularly attractive look-a-like, or something along those lines.
The French have made a mistake in scheduling this game and it could lash back on them.
I have seen nurses and nursing assistants (bless them) kicked, bitten, slapped, had hair pulled, fingers and wrists twisted, and never lash back.
Cosmic strings can lash back and forth at nearly the speed of light, for instance, whereas string-like defects in liquid crystals move as if they were immersed in molasses.
Binay took this opportunity to lash back at Poe over the questions surrounding her citizenship.
You were angry and frustrated, and this was a way to lash back at him.
First WAG to lash back at Keano: 2-1 Cheryl Cole, 3-1 Alex Curran, 6-1 Coleen McCullough, 8-1 Elen Rives, Carly Zucker, Charley (Big Brother and WAG wannabe), 10-1 bar.