lash against

lash against something

[for something, such as wind or water] to beat or whip heavily against something. The angry waves lashed against the hull of the boat, frightening the people huddled inside. The wind lashed against the house and kept us awake all night.
See also: lash
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First up, measure the lash against your eye and trim so they're the same length as your eye.
Lisa Potter-Dixon, of Benefit Cosmetics said: "Measure the lash against your eye and trim from the inner corner.
But that was before he understood that the word was first uttered in the context of an appalling trade in human beings and that it continued to be wielded like a lash against his ancestors for generations after slavery ended in this country.
GLENN WHELAN wants Noel King to give it a lash against Kazakhstan.
LUCKY TO BE ALIVE Survivors of the disaster are rescued by a tanker as huge waves lash against their lifeboat
gt;> Nothing can change or enhance an eye as quickly as a false lash - check the length of the false lash against your natural eyelash line for easy application.
Substitute Bradley Johnson fired in an inch-perfect left-wing cross for the Argentinian striker to lash against the far post and into the back of the net.
Answer, page 99 Notorious World Cup goalkeeper incidents 1 German arch-villain Harald Schumacher almost decapitated France's Patrick Batiston in the 1982 semi-final with his murderous lunge 2 Paraguay's Jose Luis Chilavert became the first keeper to take a direct free kick when he had a lash against Bulgaria in 1998.
Port Talbot-born O'Leary, the PFA Fans' Divisional Player of the Month, is a Swansea City pillar - almost as constant as the waves that lash against the rugged Mumbles coastline.
A direct back lash against all those personal growth books which show you how to heal your life this is therapy for brave hearts who learn to mock the pain until it no longer hurts.
Henry will send out his strongest available side at Croke Park this Saturday but Kidney said his rejuvenated Ireland side will give it a lash against the current Tri Nations champions.
Come the summer, drinkers will be able to sit out on the terrace but for the next few months they will have to content themselves with watching the rain lash against the mammoth plate glass windows.
Sunderland continued to dominate and the impressive Kevin Kilbane started a move that Proctor carried on only for Kyle to lash against the post.
Soon, rain will lash against windows, and form books will disappear out of them, followed by their owners.
SAVED The ferry aground last night and, inset, rescued passengers Pictures: DAVE NELSON; DANGER: Riverdance; FORTH BRIDGE SHUT: Northbound lane is closed after accident; CUMBRIA SCENE: Driver died on M6 after lorry overturned; PORTHCAWL STORMY SEAS: 20ft waves lash against lighthouse; LONDON ILL WIND: Brolly turned inside out at Parliament Pictures: CIARAN McCRICKARD/CONNORS/PA/JEFF MOORE/HUW EVANS AGENCY