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a lash of scorpions

1. literal A whipping implement made of scorpion tails—an ancient method of punishment. I was watching this old movie, and one character started beating another with a lash of scorpions! I couldn't believe the one guy was getting hit with scorpion tails—eek!
2. figurative An extremely harsh punishment. If my parents find out that I borrowed their car last night without their permission, I am going to get a lash of scorpions!
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lash against something

[for something, such as wind or water] to beat or whip heavily against something. The angry waves lashed against the hull of the boat, frightening the people huddled inside. The wind lashed against the house and kept us awake all night.
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lash at someone or something

to thrash or beat someone or something violently. The rain lashed at the windows. The mule driver lashed at his beasts with his whip.
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lash back (at someone or something)

to strike or fight back against someone or something—physically or verbally. Randy lashed back at his attackers and drove them away. If you threaten Fred, he'll lash back.
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lash down on someone or something

[for rain] to beat down on someone or something. The wind and rain lashed down on us. The rain lashed down on the young plants and pounded them into the soil.
See also: down, lash, on

lash into (someone or an animal)

to attack someone or an animal—physically or verbally. Dad lashed into my brother, who had smashed up the car again. Walter lashed into the cat for tearing the upholstery.
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lash into something

to begin to eat something with vigor. Mary lashed into the huge ice cream sundae, and ate almost the whole thing. The workers lashed into their lunches and did not say a word until they had finished.
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lash out (at someone or something)

 and lash out (against someone or something)
to strike out in defense or attack—physically or verbally. Amy was angry with Ed and lashed out at him just to show who was boss. She was so angry with him that she just lashed out against him. Gretchen was fed up with the cat and lashed out savagely in her anger.
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lash someone or something down

to tie someone or something down. The villain lashed Nell down to the railroad tracks. He lashed down the innocent victim. Lash that cask down so it doesn't wash overboard.
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lash someone or something to something

to tie someone or something to something. The boys lashed one of their number to a tree and danced around him like savages. Abe lashed the cask to the deck. Frank lashed himself to the mast.
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lash something about

to whip or fling something about violently. The big cat lashed its tail threateningly. The strong wind lashed the tall grass about.
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lash something together

to tie something or things together. Let's lash these logs together and make a raft. Lash two or three of the poles together to make them stronger.
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lash out

Make a sudden blow or fierce verbal attack. For example, The mule lashed out with its hind legs, or After listening to Dad's criticism of his driving, Arthur lashed out at him. [Second half of 1500s]
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have a lash at something

If you have a lash at something, you attempt to do it. He had been climbing for years and decided to have a lash at Everest.
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have a lash at

make an attempt at; have a go at. Australian & New Zealand
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lash out

1. To aim a sudden blow; strike: The horse lashed out with its hind legs.
2. To make a scathing verbal or written attack on someone or something: The mayor lashed out at her critics during the interview. The defendant lashed out when asked about his arrest record.
See also: lash, out
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