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happy as a lark

Very happy; contented. I've been happy as a lark ever since we moved to the countryside. Johnny's in a bit of a bad mood, but just give him a new toy to play with and he'll be happy as a lark.
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on a lark

On a whim or fancy; for fun or as a joke. On a lark, we all decided to ditch our Friday classes and drive to New York City for the weekend.
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up with the lark(s)

Awake, out of bed, and active at a particularly early hour of the morning. I don't know how he does it, but my husband has gotten up with the lark every morning of his life. I won't have another pint, thanks. I have to be up with the larks tomorrow, so I'd better head home soon.
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up with the lark

Awake at a particularly early hour, especially at or before sunrise (i.e., the hour when larks sing). Primarily heard in UK. I'm sorry, but I have to get going. I have to be up with the lark tomorrow. Mum is up with the lark every day to prepare breakfast for the farmhands.
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be up with the lark

To be awake, out of bed, and active at a particularly early hour of the morning. (Sometimes written as "up with the larks.") I don't know how he does it, but my husband is up with the lark every single morning. I won't have another pint, thanks. I have to be up with the larks tomorrow, so I'd better head home soon.
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for a lark and on a lark

for a joke; as something done for fun. For a lark, I wore a clown's wig to school. On a lark, I skipped school and drove to the beach.
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happy as the day is long

Also, happy as a lark; happy as a clam (at high tide). Extremely glad, delighted, very cheerful, as in He was happy as the day is long, or When she heard the news she was happy as a lark, or Once I got the test results I was happy as a clam at high tide. The first of these similes dates from the late 1700s. The second alludes to the lark's beautiful, seemingly very happy, song. The third, from the early 1800s, alludes to the fact that clams can only be dug at low tide and therefore are safe at high tide; it is often shortened to happy as a clam.
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lark it up

Also, lark about. Have a noisy, exuberant good time. For example, We were larking it up when the supervisor walked in, or He's always larking about at night. These expressions employ lark in the sense of "to frolic," a usage dating from the early 1800s. Also see cut up.
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happy as a lark

If you are happy as a lark, you are very happy. Look at me — eighty-two years old and happy as a lark!
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up with the lark

If you are up with the lark, you get up very early in the morning. Most bakers are up with the lark. Note: A lark is a British bird that is well-known for its tuneful early morning song.
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up with the lark

up very early in the morning.
References to the early-morning singing of the lark date back to the 16th century: the first recorded instance is found in John Lyly 's Euphues. Early risers are often referred to as larks , while their late-to-bed counterparts may be described as owls . The phrase also employs a play on the word up , since the lark sings on the wing while flying high above its nest.
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be ˌup/ˌrise with the ˈlark

get up early in the morning: She was up with the lark this morning.A lark in this idiom refers to a kind of bird that sings early in the day.
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blow/sodtaboo ˈthat for a lark

(British English, slang) used by somebody who does not want to do something because it involves too much effort: Sod that for a lark! I’m not doing any more tonight.
A lark is a thing that you do for fun or as a joke.
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The "tourists" "are dressed in beige khaki safari outfcts with shorts, white socks with hiking boots, and Tilley hats," while locals Sydney and Larky are "dressed in full oilskins and Cape Anns battened down" (73).
The package-holiday image was what Sophie and I wanted to avoid: larky 20-somethings seeking "fun in the sun", cheesy clubs, drinking, tacky tours, and rowdy families.
You might not expect a movie concerned with Stanley Kubrick to be a larky cream puff, but thanks to Malkovich, Color Me Kubrick is just that.
The actress once shared a larky off-screen snog with Cutting It co-star and good pal Sarah Parish, then joked to cameramen: "It's all right - don't you know I'm a lesbian?
When the two cooked up the idea of depicting the war on terror with puppets, it seemed a larky gas.
But there is another side to Melbourne's culture: a tradition of rebellion against Victorian stuffiness - what Rory Spence has called the 'cult of larrikinism' (AR December 1985, p63), a wildness which at its most extreme produced the Irish bushranger hero, Ned Kelly, and today still permeates much of the city's best architecture and painting, with a larky yet edgy ethos.
The male impersonations have a larky, play-acty quality that's just too light.
Music director Scott Knight at the piano kept things moving along at a reasonable rate, while at the Sunday afternoon performance (the indisposition of tenor Christopher Dorn as Ernesto notwithstanding), the good spirits and assured impersonations of Angus Bell (an agreeably underplayed Pasquale), Andrew Greenwood (vocally suave as Malatesta) and Julia Bonnett (the poised and practiced Norina) made for a larky afternoon's entertainment.
The element of visionary abstraction that served as a kind of pictorial conscience in Leger's masterpieces of the decade following the First World War is largely gone, supplanted by a larky pictorial vaudeville that often degenerates into mural-scale cartoons.
Ah, Larky (Eoin Larkin) has claimed it for the last couple of weeks but I think video analysis has proven that I got the touch, so I'll take it
Confirmed speakers for this year's event include Tyler Paxton (MBA '11), founder of Are You A Human; Andrew Bank, co-founder of Larky and Techstreet; Doug Cass, co-founder of Kahootz Toys and Giddy Up; Paul Schrems (Eng Sys MSE '12), co-founder & director of product development at TurtleCell; Danny Ellis (MSE Aerosp '13, BSE Aerosp '11), co-founder & CEO of SkySpecs; and Cavan Canavan (MBA '12), co-founder of Focus.
Lawrence Jones Memorial Festival 684 Ladbrokes: 11-10 Farloe Tango, 7-2 Fear Emoksi, 6 Droopys Ed Moses, 10 Lagganmore Milan, 14 Afew Dollarsmore, Bubbly Swallow, 16 Hometown Honey, 20 Ballymac Chosen, 25 Droopys Genie, Jaytee Monroe, 33 Centurion Sandra, Tooreen Hawk, 40 Scala Dromin, 50 Lemon Dolorus, Vinnies Contessa, 66 Rock It Vera, 100 Larky Ego, Samar Rozy (e-w 1/4 1,2,3).
The name of the company might make Jimbo Productions sound a larky kind of outfit.
Mad Dogs started out as a quite larky black comedy but the laughs have all but evaporated in the searing heat.