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Titan, whose name and association with the sun suggest his largeness, desires to exchange places with Adonis so that he can become the diminutive object of Venus's affection.
So father and son boarded a plane on Saturday night, and thanks to Lagerfeld's largeness, they were holed up at the Ritz while Hudson prepared for the show on Tuesday morning.
The "language of public life has lost the character of generosity," Robinson writes in the introduction, "and the largeness of spirit that has created and supported the best of our institutions and brought reform to the worst of them has been erased out of historical memory.
We reckon that the news media's reflexive hate for conspicuous largeness is not as interesting as their graphic portrayal of Soulja Boy.
Largeness is rude here, an assault on vision, akin to the way some of the works make us feel we are seeing double.
Every aspect of the Maine eider hunt--from the tactic of blending in with the stone on a shrinking island to the sheer largeness of the ducks themselves--was unusual.
Janet Russell's imagery and turns of phrase are often both surprising and fitting: "Bruno's fame came from bigness--not just bigness of body and bark but largeness of heart," and pull together to paint the changing moods of the rural setting where this story of girl, nan, dog, birds, and trees unfolds.
But it is from the far more difficult achievement of seeing ourselves amongst others, as a local example of the forms human life has locally taken, a case among cases, a world among worlds, that the largeness of mind, without which objectivity is self-congratulation and tolerance a sham, comes.
Compassion and the largeness of God are also the focus of this month's cover story, Finding God.
These little nods, gestures, and words make you feel a little less anonymous in the largeness of New York.
Horgan's wider purpose was to bear witness to the integrity and largeness of vision of the men and women who made the Home Rule movement and the cultural richness and complexity of their world.
He said though Turkey might be little hard to digest due to its largeness, it would still make great contributions to the EU.
The largeness of the debate can be gauged from the fact that the latest to jump into the fray is none less than Amitabh Bachchan, whose blogs are broadcast to an eagerly awaiting audience almost every day.
Moreover, there is no reason to do so--regulators can dearly delineate criteria that do a reasonable job of measuring largeness and complexity.
Above all it's the largeness of Gray's performance, whether raging over the loss of his money or simpering over his prospective bride, that dominates the show.