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A disparaging term for an obese person. Primarily heard in UK.

tub of lard

A highly derogatory term for an obese person. These glamour magazines make it seem like anyone who's not a cover model is basically a tub of lard.
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lard (something) with (something)

1. To cover or coat (something) with something rich in or composed of fat. The key to crispy roasted potatoes is to lard them with duck fat before baking. Marinade the turkey crown for at least 12 hours, then lard it with strips of bacon.
2. To fill or inject something with a lot of things that are useless, unwanted, or undesirable. Usually used in reference to nontangible things. Often used in passive constructions. She larded her speech with malicious rhetoric and invective. My dad's stories are always larded with these pointless tangents that seem to drag on for an eternity.
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larded with (something)

Containing or thoroughly filled with a lot of something, especially that which is useless, unwanted, or undesirable. Her speech was larded with malicious rhetoric and invective. My dad's stories are always larded with these pointless tangents that seem to drag on for an eternity. The attic was larded with old junk the family had accumulated over four generations.
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offensive slang An obese person, often one considered to be lazy. They hired some lardass to be a security guard—I don't know how he'll be able to stop a thief from running away. I turned into a bit of a lardass after the accident, as all I could do with two broken legs was stay inside and play video games all day.


slang A buffoon; a foolish, oafish person. Ever since that lardhead took over the company, we've seen our monthly profits continually plummet. Look at this dent! Some lardhead obviously slammed their door into my car in the parking lot today.

tub of lard

a fat person. (Insulting.) Who's that tub of lard who just came in? That tub of lard can hardly get through the door.
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lard with

1. To cover or coat something with lard or a similar fatty substance: The cook larded the rice with pork fat.
2. To enrich or embellish something thoroughly with extra material: The performer larded the monologue with boring stories. The report was larded with unnecessary quotations.
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n. the police. (see also bacon, pig, pork.) If the lard catches you violating your parole, you’re through.

lard ass

1. n. someone with very fat buttocks. (see also crisco.) Here comes that lard ass again.
2. n. very large buttocks. (Rude and derogatory.) I’m gonna have to do something about this lard ass of mine.
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1. n. a stupid person. What a lardhead! Where are your brains?
2. mod. foolish. Now here’s something from the lardhead department.

tub of lard

and tub of guts
n. a fat person. (Cruel. Also a rude term of address.) Shut up, you stupid tub of lard! Who’s that tub of guts who just came in?
See also: lard, of, tub
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As Lardy notes, "Private firms now enjoy better access to credit than in any previous period in the reform era.
Lardy has been a reliably soothing voice, minimizing both China as an economic threat and as a nation that retains unfortunate despotic habits.
It is clear that Lardy favors a less intrusive government in economic affairs, but he never really confronts the problem of how policymakers could ever determine the "'optimal" growth path.
Expert gem cutter Gordon Maclean Lardy examines a citrine stone
Nobody in China has really lost from economic reform, and in the beginning that was very important,'' said Nicholas Lardy, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution.
OUR white cat Jason has been looking a little lardy of late.
In reality it bobbled up off a divot, bounced off his lardy backside and trickled over the line.
BBC2's Horizon programme alone brought us half a dozen cop-outs including the "survival of the fattest" notion that claims it is all down to evolution because in times of famine in prehistory only the lardy would have lived through the shortages.
Goldstein and Lardy (both of the Peterson Institute) present nine chapters exploring China's exchange rate policy.
45pm: Haurel and Lardy with their 1924 Model T Ford; 2-2.
Following in the lardy footsteps of their American chums, children -with more sedentary lifestyles and high-fat diets than ever - are expanding at an alarming rate.
Children will be able to make a bird box or bird lardy cakes and explore the nature reserve.
He axes lardy cook Dewberry for overcooking Beef Wellington, rasping: "You're useless.
The lardy Yorkshire lass is as short as 1-4 to lose her spat with Sam and get the boot this evening, although the market wasn't spot on last week when Mary went rather than the well-supported Craig.
I am just a sexist,egotistical big mouth or lardy mouth or whatever who surrounds himself with laughing sycophants who just agree with everything I say.