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lapse from grace

1. Lit. to fall out of favor with God. The child was told that if he ever smoked even one cigarette, he would lapse from grace for certain. It is easy, these days, to lapse from grace.
2. Fig. to fall out of favor. Ted lapsed from grace when he left the lobby door unlocked all weekend. I have to be there on time every day or I will lapse from grace for sure.
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lapse into something

to weaken or slip into something, especially a coma. The survivor of the crash lapsed into a coma. Aunt Mary lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
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What will drive a canned fish lapser to return to canned fish usage?
For the staple and near-staple categories, it's the maintainer and lapser segments that matter most.
If you look at pandesals lapser segment, youll find that, of its total of 13 percent, 8 percent are not total lapsers, but only partial.
Between 2012 and 2013, did the maintainer consumers for the category decrease much more than the increase in the categorys lapser consumers?
The key and practical question of course in sourcing the lapsed user segment for business-growing is this: "How do you find out what will drive a canned meat lapser to return to buying and eating it again?
I am a part of this time-lapse community (a group of different time lapsers around the world), and I wanted to share with them the beautiful country where I am born and where I live.