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lapse from grace

1. Lit. to fall out of favor with God. The child was told that if he ever smoked even one cigarette, he would lapse from grace for certain. It is easy, these days, to lapse from grace.
2. Fig. to fall out of favor. Ted lapsed from grace when he left the lobby door unlocked all weekend. I have to be there on time every day or I will lapse from grace for sure.
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lapse into something

to weaken or slip into something, especially a coma. The survivor of the crash lapsed into a coma. Aunt Mary lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
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Most nonprofits put considerably more effort and funding into acquisition than lapsed reactivation.
The amount over which each beneficiary's power lapsed was less than $5,000 or five percent of the aggregate value of the assets out of which the exercise of the lapsed power could have been satisfied.
The identical consideration can be applied for lapsed regular premiums and lapsed sum insured assuming that each single euro can either be lapsed or not.
Most nonprofits have more lapsed donors than current donors," said Nick Stavarz, president of Synergy Direct Marketing Solutions, Mogadore, Ohio.
Insurers should consider and implement a variety of operational changes, ranging from simply adding more prominent wording on the outside of envelopes containing lapse warning notices to reduce the likelihood of them being inadvertently discarded as "junk mail", to complex changes to the premium collection process to ensure checks are from current, not lapsed, customers before being deposited.
Mining lapsed pools for highly committed donors is the first step in identifying planned giving donors.
based Creative Direct Marketing International (CDMI), using a different medium to renew lapsed donors from the one used to acquire them the first time is becoming more and more commonplace throughout the sector.
Under this reasoning, the liquidation right was deemed to have lapsed.
military personnel whose auto insurance policies lapsed solely due to their active duty deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan will be treated as if auto insurance coverage had been continuous during their overseas deployment.
2514(e) provides that the lapse of a power is to be treated as a release of the power, but only to the extent that the property that could have been appointed by the exercise of such lapsed power exceeds the greater of $5,000 or 5% of the aggregate value of the assets out of which the lapsed power could have been exercised.
As long as the policy has not lapsed or been surrendered, the policy charges will stop at age 100 and the life insurance protection will continue.
The lapse of the withdrawal power would not be treated as a taxable gift by the grandchild unless the value fo the right exceeded the greater of $5,000 or 5% of the value of the assets out of which the lapsed power could be satisfied (Sec.
Texas Standard Oil's exchange offer expired on May 6, 2002 and on May 8, 2002, pursuant to a filing made with the SEC, Texas Standard Oil disclosed that the exchange offer lapsed in accordance with its terms because an insufficient number of units were tendered for exchange by the Unitholders.
The Tax Court held that the decedent's right as a general partner to liquidate the partnership, which lapsed at death, could not be taken into account in determining the value of the decedent's limited partnership interest.
JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS COMPANY has introduced its versatile and easy-to-use digital video recorder, the VR-510U, engineered for surveillance systems to replace time lapsed VCR systems.