lapse into

lapse into (something)

To fall into some state or condition. John lapsed into a severe depression after being fired from his job. She survived the emergency surgery, but lapsed into a coma shortly thereafter.
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lapse into something

to weaken or slip into something, especially a coma. The survivor of the crash lapsed into a coma. Aunt Mary lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
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'It means when he allowed it to lapse into law, these measures are okay for him.
Under the Constitution, bills sent to Malacaaang will lapse into law if the president does not approve or veto them 30 days after transmittal.
According to Panelo, Duterte probably had no objections about the renewal of the franchise to operate of the said media entities so he just allowed them to lapse into laws.
When asked if there is a possibility that the bill renewing the franchise of ABS-CBN may also lapse into law, Panelo said it is up to Congress to file a bill for the network.
In other instances, people may suddenly lapse into respiratory arrest and linger in a comatose state for a prolonged period of time causing medical complications, which ultimately lead to death.
Occasioning their only lapse into the declamatory tradition of concerned documentary photography, Robbins & Becher countered this claim with the image's title: This Gas Chamber Was Used.