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lapse from grace

1. noun An instance in which acts or lives immorally, thus causing them to fall out of favor with God. My pastor said God will always forgive a lapse from grace if you truly repent.
2. noun An instance in which one does something that tarnishes one's reputation, causing one to fall out of favor with someone, such as the public. That actor had a catastrophic lapse from grace after his racially charged tirade spread across social media. After my lapse from grace with my previous employers, I decided to set out on my own and begin my own company.
3. verb To fall out of favor with God or the church, typically due to acting or living immorally. Many a virtuous man and woman to lapse from grace in the pursuit of wealth and material success. The archbishop lashed out at priests who have lapsed from grace and besmirched the dignity of the church.
4. verb To fall out of favor, typically due to having done something that tarnishes one's reputation. Once an icon of the pop-music world, the singer lapsed from grace following a string of run-ins with the police.
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lapse in judgment

An error or deviation in judgment; a mistake, especially when one should have known better. Look, I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have left the bags unattended. I was just stressed out and had a momentary lapse of judgment! You're a good worker, Tonya, but this lapse in judgment is not something we can overlook.
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lapse into (something)

To fall into some state or condition. John lapsed into a severe depression after being fired from his job. She survived the emergency surgery, but lapsed into a coma shortly thereafter.
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lapse of the pen

An unintentional mistake in one's writing, such as incorrect spelling, word choice, or meaning. Whoops, I meant to tell my mother that she was welcome to call over next Monday, but I actually wrote "next month" instead. Oh well, she'll understand that it was just a lapse of the pen. Now take your time while writing these test essays—you don't want a few lapses of the pen to be the reason you get a lower grade!
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lapse from grace

1. Lit. to fall out of favor with God. The child was told that if he ever smoked even one cigarette, he would lapse from grace for certain. It is easy, these days, to lapse from grace.
2. Fig. to fall out of favor. Ted lapsed from grace when he left the lobby door unlocked all weekend. I have to be there on time every day or I will lapse from grace for sure.
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lapse into something

to weaken or slip into something, especially a coma. The survivor of the crash lapsed into a coma. Aunt Mary lapsed into unconsciousness and died.
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"A lapse in the NFIP during the height of hurricane season could impact the ability of the program to promptly pay claims if there is a major flooding event, delay recovery efforts related to the catastrophic 2017 storm season and disrupt real estate markets across the country," Webb said in prepared remarks.
If the loan closes after the lapse in authority, but the date of coverage was before the lapse period, then payment from the insured is acceptable within 10 days.
Because the effective date is before the beginning of the lapse in authorization, and all is received within 10 days of that date, the policy may be issued with an effective date of Dec.
Comment: Offer lapses as competing deal winds on; WSP says likely to pull out of deal anyway post-Brexit vote
The unintentional lapse feature requires that the insurance company provide the opportunity for the policy owner to set up an authorized representative, or third party contact.
Abdul Aziz Baloch could not be recovered despite lapse of over two weeks.
This issue was further highlighted in 2009 when the Society of Actuaries sponsored a survey and subsequent report on post-level mortality and lapse assumptions and experience.
Milliman has completed one of the largest and most comprehensive life insurance mortality and lapse studies ever undertaken.
They'll look embarrassed, shuffle their feet a bit and say that they used to be certified, but let it lapse. They think that now it's just too overwhelming and too expensive to try to get all those years' activities documented and paid for to be certified again.
BALTIMORE -- Utilizing a nicotine patch or bupropion together with a nicotine lozenge was the most effective of five therapies tested for promoting smoking abstinence and avoiding a lapse or relapse into smoking, according to a prospective study of 1,504 smokers.
In other words, as long as you don't lapse, your most current insurer covers claims that are made against you now, even if the original deed happened in the past, when you were insured elsewhere.
The purpose of this study is to determine whether factors influencing the lapse rates on ordinary life insurance products can be identified and their importance statistically assessed.
The first subtopic sort involved identifying the location of the ethical lapse. Here, the team identified the origin of the event as individual/academic, organizational, sports-related, or departmental.