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A lapping medium is essentially an abrasive used to dress or polish a roughened surface.
With a correctly selected lapping button for the bore being lapped, attach it to the cleaning rod or shorter shafted starting mandrel.
Compared with conventional products, the tea slurry reduces lapping time by up to 75 percent, Lombardi says.
Eventually you will see the compound turning grayish, indicating the lapping action is removing some material from the rings.
There is enough lapping compound included to last for a lifetime supply of scopes, at least for the average guy.
My advice is to fix all other potential problems before resorting to fire lapping. Fire lapping will shorten barrel life and that will be quite variable.
I haven't had to resort to fire lapping barrels in about a decade.
As the workpiece moves, the adherent liquid moves with it; however, the velocity of the liquid at the lapping plate is zero.
Size and shape of abrasive grains can affect lapping action.