lap against

lap (up) against something

[for waves] to splash gently against something. The waves lapped up against the shore softly. The waves lapped against the side of the boat all night long, and I couldn't sleep.
See also: lap
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Mr North laid on a wealth of entertainments to add to the more contemplative one of watching the water lap against the bank.
You could hardly hear the splash, and just a few gentle waves would lap against the pier.
They also lap against a weathered fence with the lowest ones in front and the tallest ones in back.
That put them into direct competition for an automatic Final place in Heat 20, and Kennett took it with a move straight out of Harris's own textbook, through the narrowest of outside gaps on the second lap against his team-mate.
There will be two races, one for two laps of the circuit for serious and club runners, and the other one lap against the tram for fun runners.
The Ludlow committee cheekily put forward the incredible Boomerang to beat athletic Mark White (running one lap against Boomerang's two laps).
Many of us who are fortunate to be living above the forecast sea level will, according to Rhodri, be able to sunbathe as we watch the Cheshire and Shropshire Seas lap against the shores of Wrexham-on-sea and Llangollen-super-mare.
If he clocks a fast time he could run one lap against Russia and America in the Norwich Union meet at Scotstoun.
I'm not saying for one moment Rhyl is some latter-day Eden, a Shangri-La where the balmy waters of the Irish Sea lap against golden sands while lotus-eating visitors enjoy days of hedonistic abandon - no, that would be Llandudno.
IMAGINE an island where clear blue waters lap against peaceful sandy beaches.
Across from da Beach House is the Washington Street Pier, where sandy beaches await those who love to simply relax, listen to the waves lap against the shore, and watch the gulls in flight.
Is it the evocative cry of the seagull and the gentle rippling of waves as they lap against the seashore on an idyllic sunny day?
YOU'RE lying on a fine, white sandy beach in the sweltering sun listening to the waves gently lap against the shore.
If he clocks a fast time he could run the one lap against Russia and America in the Norwich Union meet at Scotstoun.
Down the street from the hotel, we sat by the sea wall and listened to the waves lap against the rocks below.