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languish in

 some place
1. to become dispirited in some place; to weaken and fade away in some place. Claire languished in prison for her crime. I spent over three days languishing in a stuffy hotel room. We languished in the airport waiting room while they refueled the plane.
2. to suffer neglect in a place. The bill languished in the Senate for months on end. The children languished in the squalid conditions until the court intervened.
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languish over someone or something

to pine over someone or something. There is no point in languishing over Tim. He'll never come back. She wasted half her life languishing over her lost opportunities.
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Gonzalez clearly explains how the lens of the Dominican narrator who used to languishingly look at Spain for its roots and as its model, in Diaz's narrative, he becomes an Afro-Latino Dominican narrator who now looks at Africa for his ancestry and culture.
Szymanowski's First Quartet produced a languishingly aching opening, imploring, praying even, though angry outbursts were never far away.
attention in his famous essay, (5) and which Richard languishingly draws
Slide down the spiral of vision to languishingly gaze
Leave such to tune their own dull Rhimes, and know What's roundly smooth, or languishingly slow; And praise the Easie Vigor of a Line, 360 Where Denham's Strength, and Waller's Sweetness join.
is enough to move a heart of stone--how impossible for him to refrain from looking languishingly at a young lady through these dulcet expressions of foreign adoration--what a lingering delight are the six buttons of his inamorata's gloves--what a gay responsive vivacity when she is gracious enough to be jocose--what reckless profusion of flowers and bonbons--what charming rides and walks and long absorbed talks--what delicious hours floating on starlit waters where heaven itself brought down to earth seems fairer than above.