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a blot on the landscape

Something that is considered unattractive that covers up or otherwise takes away from the value of something attractive. Although many people say that they want clean energy, they argue that miles of turbines on wind farms are a blot on the landscape.
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blot on the landscape

Fig. a sight that spoils the look of a place. That monstrosity you call a house is a blot on the landscape. You should have hired a real architect!
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a blot on the landscape

If a building or other structure is a blot on the landscape, it is very ugly and spoils a place which is otherwise attractive. The power station is both a blot on the landscape and a smear on the environment. Urban cemeteries, it seems to me, are blots on the landscape.
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a blot on the landscape

something ugly that spoils the appearance of a place; an eyesore.
1962 Listener Charabancs and monstrous hordes of hikers are blots upon the landscape.
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a blot on the ˈlandscape

a thing, especially an ugly building, that spoils the appearance of a place: That power station is rather a blot on the landscape.
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He has all those public qualities which you so despise and enable all this--" She waved her hand at the landscape, which confirmed anything.
"A Dutch landscape along a navigable river which perfuses it till to the background."
As I stood thus meditating, I turned my gaze from the landscape to the heavens where the myriad stars formed a gorgeous and fitting canopy for the wonders of the earthly scene.
Do you see now, master, if it wasn't so heavy, I'd like to carry that whole landscape home to Scotland!
Her blooming full-pulsed youth stood there in a moral imprisonment which made itself one with the chill, colorless, narrowed landscape, with the shrunken furniture, the never-read books, and the ghostly stag in a pale fantastic world that seemed to be vanishing from the daylight.
But as they entered the town a change more ominous and startling than the desiccation of the landscape forced itself upon them.
It came with bright flashes of sunlight by day, with deep, monotonous shadow at night; with the onset of heavy winds, the roar of turbulent woods, the tumultuous tossing of leafy arms, and with what seemed the silent dissolution of the whole landscape in days of steady and uninterrupted downfall.
He thought that he did not relish the landscape. It threatened him.
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Forest landscapes and global change: Challenges for research and management
In the second part visual preference survey was applied for evaluating the respondents' preference towards landscape. In this regard, a series of 30 colour images of six landscape types of Iran comprising mountain, urban, forest, desert, water, and farmland landscapes were presented to the subjects by projecting the photos onto a screen.
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In the first section of this paper I explore the shortcomings of nonrepresentational theory as applied to landscapes, using a close reading of the work of Mitch Rose and John Wylie as my foundation.