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The landowning class used its colonial status, social standing, land-based economic power and social influence to dominate the electoral process.
3 percent and reduction in poverty incidence by 21 percent compared to the general population and landowning non-CARP households.
The researcher has subdivided occupations into six groups " landowning religious military bureaucratic industrialist and professionals.
The union has also urged other local authorities, landowning bodies and retailers around Wales to follow suit.
The redistributive land reforms did not achieve a great deal due to the political power wielded by the landowning classes, he added.
The longest- lasting rock band in history is led by two conservative, landowning Englishmen who snorted cocaine and took turns in bedding the same women, even as they produced the greatest music of their time
The pub was named the Rickards after a landowning family from Llantrisant.
The large landowning class and the peasantry in Egypt, 1837-1952.
Rowe said the party at which Osborne was photographed was held to celebrate her becoming pregnant by her then boyfriend William Sinclair, a member of one of the country's biggest landowning families.
As rain delayed the harvest, we witnessed a blacksmith's mastery of archetypal Edwardian crafts such as copper beating (recently revived in the student riots), deferring to the landowning classes and convincingly wearing a hat.
The efforts of the 218th Military Police Company have resulted in the validation of eight Iraqi police stations in the Kirkuk Province--a recognition that is based on a mutual agreement between the military police unit and the station's respective landowning company and battalion.
Country Life, the house magazine for landowning toffs, has written an imaginary fox pop of the voting intentions of political animals.
The mansion, built in 1722, was the home of the Widdringtons - an influential landowning family associated with Northumberland as far back as the 12th Century.
Sir Thomas was the First Bar-oneand latest in the long line of this prominent landowning family.
He says his government would not clash with the landowning and business elites of Guatemala, which has the highest level of chronic infant malnutrition in the Western Hemisphere and one of the region's lowest tax collection rates.