land up (some place)

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land up (some place)

To arrive at, come to, or end up in a particular location, especially unexpectedly. Typically followed by "in." In this usage, a name or pronoun can be used after "land" when talking about performing the action on someone else. We somehow landed up at Mary's house last night around 3 AM. The bag was put on the wrong flight and landed up in Detroit. I took a wrong turn and landed up miles away from the campsite.
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land up somehow or somewhere

to finish somehow or somewhere; to come to be in a certain state or place at the end. We set out for Denver but landed up in Salt Lake City. He's so extravagant that he landed up in debt.
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land up

To arrive somewhere, especially when not anticipated: We got lost and landed up miles from home. An accident shut down the freeway, and I landed up downtown.
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