land on (one's) feet

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land on (one's) feet

To gracefully survive a bad situation. I wouldn't worry about Chloe—no matter what bizarre scheme she gets mixed up in, she always lands on her feet.
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land on your feet


fall on your feet

COMMON If someone lands on their feet or falls on their feet, they find themselves in a good situation by luck. Everything I want, she's got: good marriage, good home, nice children. While I struggle through life, she lands on her feet. He has fallen on his feet with a new career set to earn him a fortune. Note: This may refer to the belief that when a cat falls, it always lands on its feet without hurting itself.
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fall/land on your ˈfeet

(informal) be lucky in finding a good position, job, place to live, etc., especially when your previous situation was difficult: Well, you really fell on your feet this time, didn’t you? A job in Rome, a large flat, a company car...This expression may refer to the fact that cats are thought to always land safely on their feet, even if they fall or jump from a very high place.
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