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lament over (someone or something)

To grieve for someone or something; to be full of sorrow because of someone or something. I know you miss him, but you need to stop lamenting over Jonathan and start living your life again. People lamenting over the results of the election need to get ahold of themselves. This is not the end of the world as we know it.
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lament over someone or something

 and lament (for) someone or something
to sorrow over someone or something. There is no need to lament over Sam. There is nothing that crying will do for him now. She is still lamenting for her cat.
See also: lament, over
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Regarding a strict paradigm for a ritual poetry of lament stretching across almost one thousand years, as Hollo wisely cautions, "we cannot assume that the medieval Irish oral lament was structured in the same way as the modern." Kaarina Hollo, "Laments and Lamenting in Early Medieval Ireland," in Medieval Celtic Literature and Society, ed.
On the basis of the aforesaid, I would point out two main causes as departing points for lamenting in connection with death:
At this concert, as well as Lamenting with Ariadne, James MacMillan will conduct a piece by Leamington composer Howard Skempton, two by Galina Ustvolskaya -a reclusive pupil of Shostakovich now in her mid-80s -and his own The Exorcism of Rio Sumpl.
[38] Also of a potentially political nature are the many complaintes lamenting the deaths of kings, queens, or noblemen.
The lament Psalms are generally vague in their reference to concrete historical situations, but Rastas are correct in contending that Psalm 137 locates the lamenting community on the banks of the rivers of Babylon.
I find it far simpler and more convincing to suppose that such a uniformity of language and imagery is indicative of the existence of an internalized and Israelized--if not "native"--tradition for lamenting destroyed cities, what I would call city laments.
However, the image of Cleina lamenting at the tomb, that is, in a public space, evokes a tradition of lament in which women's prominent roles in lamenting the dead both r eflect and reinforce realms of experience exclusive to women.
This free-verse composition belongs with a large body of poetry lamenting the loss of a homeland or place of ancestral origin and life.
Trillanes said Duterte only mentioned his parents since he 'cannot throw anything else' against him, lamenting that his 84-year old mother, who has been suffering from Parkinson's Disease, was even mentioned by the President.
THE loss of Britannia from the back of our 50p pieces has led to much lamenting among people who get paid hand - somely to lament about these kind of things.
In such cases, those lamenting are affirming that in this specific matter they are not guilty of wrongdoing.
So what is Borsook's case beyond pique, beyond finding Bionomics conferences to be "little shops of horror," beyond lamenting that technolibs prefer Edge Cities to "real" urban centers, beyond finding libertarians "psychically exhausting"?
As he was adept at cornering the market in lamenting contemporary demises, the inference is that here the Queen is Henrietta Maria lamenting the execution of Charles I.
The third looks at Chansons spirituelles, at La Coche, with its lamenting ladies and declining sun (God, Francois I), and at Les Prisons, with its male speaker incarcerated by ambition, book collecting, and pride.
The Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) yesterday called for a change in the first package of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, lamenting that the levy on sweetened beverages was 'essentially a tax on water.'