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lament over (someone or something)

To grieve for someone or something; to be full of sorrow because of someone or something. I know you miss him, but you need to stop lamenting over Jonathan and start living your life again. People lamenting over the results of the election need to get ahold of themselves. This is not the end of the world as we know it.
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lament over someone or something

 and lament (for) someone or something
to sorrow over someone or something. There is no need to lament over Sam. There is nothing that crying will do for him now. She is still lamenting for her cat.
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Of this experience, he lamented, "I was involved in a lot of bombing, a lot of terrorism," yet he also noted, "It's very strange--because at the same time in this very violent life--sometimes it was our duty to bomb Communists, people, to machine gun.
Brandy was extremely popular in England, its demise sure to be much lamented. So in order to head off the complaints of the nation's drinkers, William signed a measure encouraging the domestic distillation of spirits from corn.
Cleina's daughter Philaenis, on the other hand, is lamented by her mother because she died too soon, before she was able to fulfill her roles as a wife and mother.
Everyone lamented the media's eagerness to declare the epidemic over with the advent of protease inhibitors and lamented too the participation of certain gay literary types in this false or at least prematurely declared Dawning.
The Textbooks of Harold Rugg supported the volumes and warned that "attacking textbooks is easy; evaluating them fairly is hard." Mitchell deplored the "acrimonious controversy that generates more heat than light," and lamented the "numerous onslaughts upon textbooks by groups that have condemned brief passages isolated from their contexts ...."(22) The pamphlet pointed out that Rugg's contributions to the development of a spirit of free inquiry, so necessary to a free society, were considerable.
Professor Yasar Onel, a University of Iowa physicist, was one who lamented its demise, as the supercollider would have included 11 Iowa physicists in the research and, revealingly, they would have been "on the receiving end of major grants for years to come," as reporter Tom Walsh wrote.
The con unction of the soul-and-body passage with the lament suggests as well that what is lamented in the nation is a moral and spiritual shortcoming (compare Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal") as well as a social and political one.
Some of the women who spoke at a Women Candidates Dialogue Forum, organized by the Young Leaders Network (YLN) held in Bauchi lamented that the situation was discouraging to women who have now scared from engaging in party politics.
In a statement issued here on Saturday by the association's Chairman Mohammad Shahid Qaimkhani, Patron Mazharul Haq Chaudhry and others, the office bearers lamented that an unjustified enhancement had been done in license, transfer and map allocation fees.
He lamented the deterioration of the country's economy, asserting, "Countries are not run through speeches."
Antonio Trillanes IV lamented President Rodrigo Duterte's allegations that his parents were involved in several transactions with the Philippine Navy.
'We demand of the CJP to take action against the coalmine companies and mines inspectors for allowing work without inspecting the working conditions inside the mines,' Ali Baaz Khan, the traders' union president, lamented.
"Various quarters continued to pull at the government's legs," he lamented.Speaking about his political rival Imran Khan's public gathering in Lahore on Sunday, Nawaz said they have been listening to Imran's hollow claims since the last several years.
He lamented that only Rs 0.2 million as Octroi Zila tax was provided to each union council for payment of salaries to the employees.
However, he lamented, these sacrifices have not been valued accordingly.