lament over

lament over someone or something

 and lament (for) someone or something
to sorrow over someone or something. There is no need to lament over Sam. There is nothing that crying will do for him now. She is still lamenting for her cat.
See also: over
References in classic literature ?
Wickham were returned, and to lament over his absence from the Netherfield ball.
Though Priam son of Dardanus should bid them offer me your weight in gold, even so your mother shall never lay you out and make lament over the son she bore, but dogs and vultures shall eat you utterly up.
For instance,] someone who has lost a coin laments, but he or she raises no lament over the loss of faith.
Once one has experienced the forgiveness of sin and salvation through Christ--with the assurance of a glorious life after death by the resurrection of Jesus--there is little reason to lament over the pain and suffering that one must endure in this world.
Part I is the people's lament over their lost city and their sad condition in Babylon.