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lament over (someone or something)

To grieve for someone or something; to be full of sorrow because of someone or something. I know you miss him, but you need to stop lamenting over Jonathan and start living your life again. People lamenting over the results of the election need to get ahold of themselves. This is not the end of the world as we know it.
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lament over someone or something

 and lament (for) someone or something
to sorrow over someone or something. There is no need to lament over Sam. There is nothing that crying will do for him now. She is still lamenting for her cat.
See also: lament, over
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Thus, each lament session has also been yet another redrawing of the boundaries between the communities of the living and the dead, another reaffirming of the location and identity of each side.
Marian laments play perhaps the most ubiquitous role in this collection; nearly every author must mention them, for they were the most popular type of lament literature in medieval Europe.
The early protestant tirades against lament show that it coexisted with catholic practices.
In Psalm 22, for instance, the expression of lament is interrogatory, suggesting that the one suffering does not deserve to be rejected by God.
The Belfast boy effortlessly delivered pitch-perfect versions of Marvin Gaye soul classics, Van Morrison's Crazy Love, traditional Irish laments Danny Boy and Carrickfergus and his own Joni Mitchell- inspired compositions.
If your school doesn't have enough Internet access, it's time to bridge the gap, not lament the divide.
The Dark Island lament, played by Queen's Piper, Pipe Major Jim Motherwell, was one of the Queen Mother's favourite tunes.
Cathy, too, turned to writing poetry of lament from "the gap" -- a gap that "aches, yawns open, hollow, black.
The sufferer is speaking lament, picking her way through a broken rubble of unbearably vivid happenings and sensations, senseless, arbitrary, incoherent and disordered, punctuated with screams, sobs, curses, and pleas.
Geoghegan points out that Cleina's lament echoes Achilles' mourning of Patroclus in Iliad 23 as well as Thetis' mourning for Achilles.
In addition to this possibility, we often lack an understanding of what true lament is -- the nature of which is revealed in Jesus' prayer in the garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:39,42,44).
I lament the loss of cultural diversity that leaving the EU will bring about.
It is fitting that films that gently lament the loss of tradition should also gently lament the loss of fathers, for the latter play a key role in safeguarding the wisdom of the past and in handing it on to their children.
As we lament the unfortunate fate of couples who experience this kind of crime, we pray that families will draw closer to the Lord and ask God for blessing and guidance.