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| Lambing Days at Amners Farm, Berkshire 27 April-6 May There's also a miniature railway at this working farm.
"It runs throughout the whole day from 10.30am to 10pm we it's one of the busiest days of the lambing calendar.
The wider nature reserve will also be open as usual to the public during Lambing Live, so visitors can access the stunning habitats and wetlands.
Based on Node 7 and 8, to decrease the lamb mortality rate, we propose that mating should be scheduled in such a way that lambing does not occur in February.
Overfeeding leads to large lambs which can cause problems during the lambing process and increase the likelihood of a caesarean operation being required.
Meanwhile, the NSA Lambing List for 2013/14 is now open, with the intention of matchmaking farmers who need assistance at lambing time with veterinary and agricultural students required to undertake a lambing placement as part of their educational studies.
Some Welsh farmers have reported losing hundreds of animals in the snow which covered large swathes of upland Wales during the lambing season.
Simply ensuring correct ewe nutrition before and at lambing could yield big dividends, said Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC), the red meat agency.
This highly intensive lambing is possible in part because Finnsheep have a slightly shorter reproductive cycle than most sheep--an average of 142 days or about five days shorter per cycle or 10 days (assuming two lambings) shorter in one year than other sheep would.
LAMBING STINT: The first lambs have been born from Warwickshire College's new flock of pure-bred Suffolk sheep.
SPRING definitely feels to be just around the corner and at Donaldson's Vets that means one thing - lambing time.
"Furthermore, not only do Beltex cross lambs command a higher price in the ring, we also find they present us with very few problems at lambing."
SHEEP farmers in Wales gearing up for the crucial lambing season have urged retailers to support their industry as they battle against cheap imports and rising cost to the consumer of meat produced in Britain.
Now, I know the timing was poor, what with us being in full swing with the lambing, but, as usual, my parents-in-law came to the rescue to help out with Tomos, who's three-and-a-half, and Brychan.