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The last of our ewes still had not lambed when I left for work on Monday morning but I got a phone call at lunch time from my wife who reported that the ewe had started lambing.
A further 85 Mules are lambed to the Texel, and this year, for the first time, 45 Texel cross hoggs have been lambed to the Texel.
By the third lambing, I was beginning to feel confident enough that if a ewe hadn't lambed by the time we closed down for the night, I would feel safe that she wouldn't lamb until at least the next morning.
The hoggs, which are among 550 ewes lambed from the end of March, have been meeting a ready demand when sold with lambs at foot at Skipton auction mart and this year the good prices they were bringing meant they were nearly all sold with the mothers from four to six weeks old.