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slang Insane. The phrase originated as military slang referring to "Deolali," an Indian town where a military sanatorium was located. They'll lock you up if you go doolally on us. I don't know what that guy's blathering about—I think he's a bit doolally.

lollygag around

To waste time idly or aimlessly (some place); to loiter or loaf around (some place). You've been lollygagging around the house for the whole weekend—go play outside or something! Would you two quit lollygagging around and give me a hand?
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Nevertheless, with 1B seemingly there for the taking this season, Lally is eager that Bryansburn regroup and refocus to ensure they don't drop out of the race entirely before it even really gets going.
Joe Lally is part of that history and one of those famous names.
Des Lally (in red) is given a guard of honour as he reaches the peak of Pen y Fan for the 365th time in a year PICTURES: CLAIRE HAYHURST
Schools, community groups and celebrities including Geraint Thomas have all joined Mr Lally on various stages of his journey, and his achievement has been hailed by one of the charities that he has helped in the process.
Last week, Ms Lally sent an email to all councillors in response to questions about these indemnities - PS10,000 at first with additional tranches of PS15,000 - in relation to the council's insurance.
With previous experience as a property broker and several years spent developing a property underwriting expertise at Axis Insurance, Lally brings a well-rounded understanding of the industry as he makes his return to a brokering role.
He is survived by his son, Patrick (Kathi) Lally of Orchard Park, NY; his grandson, Joshua Lally; his surviving siblings, Jim, MaryAnn (Wilson), and Patricia; and his many nieces, nephews, friends, and colleagues.
Since joining the company in January 2017 as vice president of its investor relations, Lally brought with her extensive and diverse Wall Street experience both on the buy side as an investor and on the sell side as an equity research analyst.
Lally. "Inflammation in the blood vessels leads to diminished blood flow or blocked vessels, resulting in ischemia (inadequate blood supply), necrosis (cell death), and subsequent tissue damage to a target organ.
Lally said, "We are an industrial supply company, but we also can sell a single item or as many as needed to the walk in customer such as a homeowner." The 35-year Tacoma Screw veteran is in charge of the eastern Washington sales force of 32 who make personal visits to orchardists, factories, repair shops or wherever the need arises.
Lally was previously executive vice president and head of the company's fee income businesses.
The complaint came after the Record exposed some of the people behind the vile abuse of Lally and author JK Rowling, who made a PS1million donation to Better Together.
Girls' Tri Star 2 (11-12 years): 1 Bethan Nitsch, 2 Roisin Lally, 3 Rachael Murry, 4 Sophie Emmerson.
The driver had left the scene but police established that the car belonged to Lally's father.
Maryann (Lally) Sudmyer, 66GRAFTON - Maryann (Lally) Sudymer, 66, passed away peacefully at home March 19th 2014 after a long battle with cancer.