1. The doctrine that the government should not be involved with nor controlling of businesses. The new president has vowed to take a position of laissez-faire to undo the overregulation of businesses practiced by the previous administration.
2. A stance or desire that one will not control or be involved with the actions of other people. It seems to be in vogue recently for parents to be laissez-faire with their children, allowing them total freedom without structure or discipline.
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The marshals then withdrew from the lists, and William de Wyvil, with a voice of thunder, pronounced the signal words Laissez aller!
"Je n'en sais rien--ne vous laissez pas aller a de vives impressions--voila tout."
Jurgis had not studied the books, and he would not have known how to pronounce "laissez faire"; but he had been round the world enough to know that a man has to shift for himself in it, and that if he gets the worst of it, there is nobody to listen to him holler.
Present study proves to be significant as it explores moderating effect of four teaching styles (authoritarian, democratic, laissez faire, and indifferent teaching style).
On the other hand, 670 teachers (74.0% M= 3.8329, SD=.4685) agreed that their principals are practicing democratic leadership style in their colleges, whereas only 38 teachers (4.2%, M=2.9678, SD=.5466) agreed that their principals are practicing laissez faire leadership style.
The management clearly took a laissez faire approach to the League and they will be more formidable in the Championship, but the loss of home advantage and four games in as many weeks could undo them.
He then describes "market fundamentalism" as a collection of "unsubstantiated beliefs associated with laissez faire such as the idea that markets (or the invisible hand of the market) can handle all economic issues without government's help." In this, he reveals his thesis: "The purpose of the book is to debunk extreme and unfounded assertions attempting to equate the free market ideal and its beneficial properties with actual markets and the economy." His gripe is with what he calls "contemporary laissez faire," which to him is different from a free market.
Four kinds of leadership styles are the autocratic leadership, the democratic, the participant leadership and laissez faire.
The three popular styles of leadership including autocratic leadership style, democratic leadership style and Laissez faire leadership style have been observed and their relationship is explored with organizational citizenship behaviour in three major telecom companies of Pakistan.
Si vous avez peur d'ouvrir les portes de l'Art, celles des libertes totales, laissez le soin aux artistes de le faire ; ils sont la pour ca.
* Over half consider a carrier's ability to offer a suite of return to work services as critical or important compared to only 1 in 5 in the Laissez Faire cluster.
From New York Tunes columnist (and Nobel laureate in Economics) Paul Krugman to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to dozens of others on TV or the Internet, Hoover is seen as a defender of laissez faire whose dogmatic commitment to small government led him to stand by and do nothing while the economy collapsed in the wake of the stock market crash in 1929.
Wealth, power, and the crisis of laissez faire capitalism.
US financial and investment advisory newsletters publisher Agora Financial unveiled today the purchase of local libertarian book seller Laissez Faire Books (LFB), without providing financial details.