laid back

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1. Calm, casual, or at ease. The laid-back vibe of that restaurant is perfect for our party. Oh, I'm sure Tim isn't worried about any of this—he's so laid-back.
2. Intoxicated. Do you remember last night at the bar at all? You were really laid-back!

lay back

1. To put something down in its former position. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "back." Please lay the dress back the way it was on the bed. I don't want it getting any wrinkles before the ceremony.
2. To cause or help someone to lie, lean, or recline on their back. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "back." The doctor laid the patient back on the examination table.
3. In sports, especially soccer and rugby, to pass a ball backward to a teammate. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "lay" and "back." The forward laid the ball back to the midfielder, who belted the ball into the net. She tried to lay back the ball to the scrum-half before being tackled to the ground by number 8 on the opposing team.
4. To lie, lean, or recline on one's back. (In usages 4–6, "lay" is a common and erroneous variant of "lie.") Just lay back on the bed while I go get a damp washcloth for your forehead.
5. To maintain a calm, relaxed, and unperturbed demeanor, especially while waiting for something. Nothing to do now but lay back and wait for our royalty checks to come pouring in.
6. To stay behind and wait before taking action; to hang back. I think we should lay back and see what they do before we go barging in making accusations.
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laid back

1. calm and relaxed. Willie is not what I would call laid back. You are really one laid-back guy!
2. intoxicated. He's a little laid back and can't come to the phone. How can those guys work when they are laid back by noon?
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laid back

1. mod. calm and relaxed. Sam is not what I would call laid back.
2. mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. He’s a little laid back and can’t come to the phone.
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Just then a horse's head looked over from the stall beyond; the ears were laid back, and the eye looked rather ill-tempered.
When Skipper arrived, Jerry wagged his stump tail and, with ears laid back, dragged and tugged harder than ever at the thin cotton of the girl's garment.
He was instantly contrite, all soft humility, ears laid back with pleadingness for forgiveness and protestation of a warm throbbing heart of love.
Mukhorty too laid back his ears and shook his head discontentedly.
It was only play, for Jerry and Norman Chief were tried friends; and, though the huge horse, ears laid back, mouth open to bite, pursued Jerry in mad gyrations all about the paddock, it was with no thought of inflicting hurt, but merely to act up to his part in the sham battle.
Music with No Amps, No Chat, No Charge One of Wolverhampton's more laid back live music events series is getting ready to hold its last edition before it breaks off for summer.
A three person-panel from the authority decided to make the sanction permanent after concluding the licence holder Patrick Deward appeared to be too 'laid back' about the disorder which saw three men in their 20s, suffer serious but none life-threatening injuries.
The bash kicks off at 6pm on Friday, August 10, and promises to be a night of "laid back vibes".
Summary: Dubai Computer Group (DCG) recently hosted a Desert Safari event, offering IT channel firms a laid back platform to network …
Laid Back Luke 3.35 Clonmel 2pts win Trainer Sheila Lavery admits Laid Back Luke is a quirky sort who belies his name.
Alexander Schneider, the resort's general manager, said, "Our vision for Key West Bar & Grill is to capture the very essence of laid back, quality time on the beach, perfect for those wishing to while away the hours with delicious food, dreamy views and curated DJ sets with Caribbean beats.
But if you do fancy a day trip you can enjoy a free transfer to trendy Amadores Beach Club or hop on a complimentary shuttle to laid back Meloneras beach.
They are very laid back but very affectionate and don't need much exercise.
Parang laid back compared to California" she said on "Aquino & Abunda Tonight."