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1. verb To move or happen at a slower pace than someone or something else. Why are you guys lagging behind? Pick up the pace! We had thought the turnout for these events would pick up, but it's really lagged behind our estimates.
2. noun A period of time between two events or actions. The word often indicates a lull or lack of action. I didn't think you were interested in coming—I mean, there was quite a lag between when I sent the invitation and when you responded.

lag behind

To move or happen at a slower pace than someone or something else. Why are you guys lagging behind? Pick up the pace! We had thought the turnout for these events would pick up, but it's really lagged behind our estimates.
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lag behind in (something)

To be or become tardy or late in doing something. The bank started putting a lot of pressure on us when we began lagging behind in our mortgage payments. I know that she is an excellent reader and writer for her age, so I don't understand how Sally can be lagging behind in language arts.
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lag behind (someone or something)

to linger behind someone or something; to fall behind someone or something. Come on up here. Don't lag behind us or you'll get lost. Please don't lag behind the donkeys. Come up here with the rest of the hikers.
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lag behind

1. To fail to maintain the pace or progress of someone or something; straggle: I lagged behind the rest of the hikers and got lost. Don't forget to do your readings for class, or you'll lag behind.
2. To proceed or develop with comparative slowness: Sales are lagging behind this year compared to last year.
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The coefficient of 1 day lag (spot lagging behind futures, [[beta].sub.-1]) , being significant was witnessed to be highest for DABUR (0.428) and lowest for Wockhardt (-0.079).
In the final chapter of the book, the need for revolutionising agriculture has been given special treatment in view of the larger concentration of rural poor in the lagging regions.
Firstly, in terms of the vital need to protect environmental interests, the question is will the lagging areas enjoy growth options similar to the leading areas?
The lagging problem looks to be more serious in commercial real estate, due to fewer transactions.
Firstly, Reverse Engineering is a reduced-form approach, which does not have the capacity to identify a dynamic lagging error structure.
The ceramic lagging lowered belt tension markedly, Childs said, as the plant began installing it on several conveyor pulleys.
Childs charted a few payback projections comparing the more expensive ceramic lagging with the faster-- wearing rubber variety.
Besides problems with technology, respondents say their current measurement systems are: not aligned with strategic business objectives; reliant on lagging performance indicators; poorly integrated with other information (internal and external); and far too dependent on financial measures.
* sensitive radars: Warsaw Pact generally is lagging in some areas; NATO, Japan and Sweden are capable of making contributions
To help with specification, Flexco has also enhanced its online Lagging Calculator to include Flex-Lag Adhesives.
A copper mine in the Arizona desert is operating at near full capacity for the first time in several years thanks to a new ceramic-tile pulley lagging that has doubled the traction of a drive pulley.
At one site in central England, records going back to 1659 show that the seasons arrived slightly later each year, lagging progressively behind the calendar by about 1.4 days each century, Thomson reports in the April 7 Science.
By increasing lagging life, Baldor's Dodge D-LAG conveyor pulleys will extend the operating life of both the conveyor pulley and conveyor belt.