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lag behind in something

to fall behind in something. I am lagging behind in my car payments. She is lagging behind in her homework assignments.
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lag behind (someone or something)

to linger behind someone or something; to fall behind someone or something. Come on up here. Don't lag behind us or you'll get lost. Please don't lag behind the donkeys. Come up here with the rest of the hikers.
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lag behind

1. To fail to maintain the pace or progress of someone or something; straggle: I lagged behind the rest of the hikers and got lost. Don't forget to do your readings for class, or you'll lag behind.
2. To proceed or develop with comparative slowness: Sales are lagging behind this year compared to last year.
See also: behind, lag
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Lagger focuses on the relationship between Przywara's theology of service as a theology of the Cross, thereby offering a thorough treatment of Przywara's Christology.
Leighton Davies, QC, for the pros-ecution, told Cardiff Crown Court that retired pipe lagger Mr Reeves had the operation on January 24, 2000, after suffering a stone in his right kidney but Roberts, the head of the urology department, and Goel, who performed the operation, did not check patient notes properly to ensure that the correct kidney was removed.
Lagger indicated that the work will involve maintenance, as well as the accomplishment of multiple modifications designed to standardize the Boeing 757-200 aircraft to the airline's specifications.
Mr Lockley came into contact with asbestos while working as a lagger, fitting thermal insulation at power stations, during the 1960s.
A lagger who worked with asbestos has a 1 in 10 lifetime risk of developing mesothelioma, the risk increasing as he gets older.
In the dock were: Francis Smith, 53, of Allerton Road, Allerton; Anthony O'Toole, 39, a lagger, and his 19-year-old son Dean O'Toole, both of Lapwing Close, West Derby; Alan Gerrard, 44, a roofer, of Harecroft, Stockbridge Village; Harold Camello, 40, a garage owner, of Dacy Road, Anfield; and Anthony Healey, 41, of Graylands Road, Walton, all Liverpool; and Alexander Thom, 41, a director of haulage company, of Guild Town, Perth, Scotland.
Lastly, The Lagger mom is often the one playing catch-up, feeling chaotic and overwhelmed.
Lagger indicated that the work will involve maintenance and modifications designed to standardize the Boeing DC-9 aircraft to the specifications of Spirit Airlines, who will be leasing the aircraft.
Another worker told the Gazette about 200 men including pipe fitters, platers, riggers, electricians, welders, laggers and scaffolders have been affected.
He often worked close to laggers who were stripping pipes and lining them with asbestos.
Mr Dowd worked as a plater on various plants, cutting asbestos off pipes and working next to asbestos laggers.
Sadly, many of the victims will come from Merseyside, where dockers, laggers and others, together with their families, will have been exposed to asbestos.
The writ claims Mr Scott worked as an electrician's mate in a building with four boilers, where laggers were applying and cutting asbestos-based insulation.
He worked for South Tyneside Council until the mid-1960s when he left for two spells working at plastering contractors George Dixons when it is believed he was exposed to asbestos at Blyth Power Station, working in areas lagged with asbestos and often alongside laggers who used asbestos cement.