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lager lout

A loud, obnoxious drunk man. Primarily heard in UK. When I went to England, I accidentally ended up in a pub filled with lager louts.
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a ˈlager lout

(British English) a young man who drinks too much alcohol and then behaves in a noisy and unpleasant way: The police are planning to crack down on lager louts this summer.
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Over the years, Life Lager has remained one of the fastest-growing brands in the beer industry, a development largely due to its deep connection with its target audience and some of the brand's notable initiatives, such as: Life Progress Booster and Hi-Life Fest.
Conwy Lager will be launched to coincide with Beer Day Britain at the first ever MASH Beer festival on June 15 at Conwy Brewery.
All of the street food traders taking part will be providing lager pairings for their dishes.
What seems to make it lager, among other things, is a cooler brewing temperature than most ales.
A Kellerbier is a style of unfiltered lager dating back to the Middle Ages in Bavaria.
We've all had our share of Sam Adams Boston Lager over the years, but it has become such a part of the landscape that it's been awhile since our tasters evaluated the beer on its merits.
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Anheuser-Busch officials say Busch Signature Copper Lager is brewed with grains from America's heartland, and is a smooth, full-bodied copper lager that introduces the richness of roasted caramel malts to the classic Busch recipe, resulting in a sweet aroma, signature smooth taste, clean finish and distinctive copper color, that is 5.7% alc/vol.
There is keen competition to see who will eventually be representing their respective countries in the battle to become the first Windhoek Lager Africa Jacket Golf Champion in 2014." More launches of the championship have taken place in Zimbabwe and Botswana with Zambia and South Africa to follow shortly.
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The famous former Birmingham brewer is marking St George's Day by launching England's Glory fine English lager, its first canned and draught lager in over 30 years.
Wrexham Lager, originally founded in 1882 and revived in 2011, is Britain's oldest lager brew and under previous owners were a sponsor of the club for many years.
DRINKERS can once again enjoy a pint of Wrexham Lager after the famous brand was relaunched yesterday - a decade after its demise.
Heineken USA announced the launch of Noche Buena, a bock-styled lager brewed by Cerveceria Moctezuma S.A., specially for the fall/winter season.