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At first it's the lack of independence you struggle with - not being able to just nip up to the shop, but I became quite a lady of leisure. And when I was able to drive again, I was like, 'God, can't someone else drive, I'm so used to it?'.
Ceri is currently enjoying being a lady of leisure, shopping for accessories for the new house and visiting Trecco Bay, Porthcawl, where her brother Carl has moved permanently.
"We sold the hotel last year and I have been a lady of leisure for a while but I am itching to do something," says Susan who is about to take over Lucy Briars Wedding shop in Southport.
"The doctors have said I won't be able to go back to work but I think I've got used to the idea of being a lady of leisure now.
It'd be slightly easier if I was a lady of leisure but I'm trying to juggle a full-time career in between my daily trips to B&Q and receiving quotations from various workmen.
On her reasons for compiling the manuscript, Sir Hugh says: "In those days life was different and she was a lady of leisure.
Women perform too many roles nowadays, according to 84 per cent of women while if money were no object, 48 per cent would chose to be a lady of leisure, 29 per cent a homemaker and just 23 per cent would want to remain a career woman.
Lady of leisure Gill McFerran, 49, from Wirral, could barely control her excitement as she sang: "Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days...
"It's easy for her though, she's doing a bit of study at the moment and she thinks she is a lady of leisure." Name: Paul Tito
As a lady of leisure, and with little else to do, she indulged in the pastime of shopping.
"I was a lady of leisure. I never had a job of any kind.
Name: Linda Hull Age: 49 From: Haydon Grange Occupation: Describes herself as a lady of Leisure!
"She could have been a lady of leisure, she did not need to work but she pursued her own career and ideals.
HELEN Flanagan may look like a domestic goddess but she'd far rather be a lady of leisure, she says.
Ms Israel, who has never been abroad, said: "I'm going to be a lady of leisure."