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ladle something out of something

 and ladle something out
to scoop something out of something with a spoon or ladle. Marie ladled the last of the gravy out of the gravy boat and went to the kitchen for more. She ladled out the soup.
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ladle something up

to scoop something up in a ladle. Jerry ladled a cool dipper of water up and quenched his thirst. Please ladle up the soup and serve it.
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Now the pressure pour system is handling the large majority of Novocast's production while the old system, which transferred metal from the melting area to two robotic pouring stations via ladles, continues to handle certain components.
The ladles subjected to the hot repair turned into the next working recycle stage when the ladle heating ended.
There's an inherent comfort in soup, and we hope to bring that sense of comfort to thousands of individuals through the Ladles of Love program this National Soup Month.
Preliminary calculations show that for ladles with the capacity of 10-20 t it is preferred to use a stationary ring-shaped induction coil, and for ladles with a capacity greater than 50 t a stationary system of the magnetic circuit with individual induction coils (Fig.
Toddy ladles, as befitted their use with a more alcoholic drink, tended to be smaller than punch ladles, though of the same basic design.
The categories represented in this exhibition were knives, corks, plungers, ladles, other kitchen utensils, kitchen brooms, and so on.
The scaffolding was for repairs to one of the plant's massive ladles, which are used for moving molten liquid iron to be converted to steel, the hearing heard.
Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of foundry ladles and molten metal pouring equipment.
Into the steel ladles at ars1 irut ar/technological assistance for shifting and adding of ladle covering compound (granule powder flakes) petro coke, ferro alloys etc.
Ladles serving these drinks are long-handled, deep spoons with a cup-like bowl on the end, to serve just enough of the warming fluid into the drinking vessel.
The first Ladles is located in the Encinitas Towne Centre in Encinitas, California.
FCF Schmidt received five awards on behalf of the National Pest Management Association: a first place Pepperpot for a national broadcast public service announcement "The Children"; Silver Ladles for video program "Modern Marvels: The Exterminator" and the new children's website, www.
At the heart of the "Big Heat" project was increasing the size of the ladles used during the tapping of each of the Division's three basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs).
They are routinely draining complete ladles, which represents about 100 minutes of uninterrupted casting.
The tap temperature of the liquid steel typically is superheated 250F to 500F (121C to 260C) above the steel's liquidus to compensate for heat losses during tapping and holding in small ladles with large surface area to volume ratios.