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ladle out (of something)

To scoop something (out of some container) and serve with a spoon or ladle. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ladle" and "out." He spends his Sundays ladling out stew at the local homeless shelter. She ladled the rice out of the large plastic tub, being careful to ensure that everyone got equal portions.
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ladle up

To serve a portion of something with a spoon or ladle. Often used in relation to some experience or emotion associated with what is being served. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ladle" and "up." There's nothing more satisfying than ladling bowls of delicious homemade chili up for the whole family. The local restaurant has been ladling up pure comfort with its award-winning chicken soup. Here, let me ladle some stew up for you.
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ladle something out of something

 and ladle something out
to scoop something out of something with a spoon or ladle. Marie ladled the last of the gravy out of the gravy boat and went to the kitchen for more. She ladled out the soup.
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ladle something up

to scoop something up in a ladle. Jerry ladled a cool dipper of water up and quenched his thirst. Please ladle up the soup and serve it.
See also: ladle, up