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ladle out (of something)

To scoop something (out of some container) and serve with a spoon or ladle. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ladle" and "out." He spends his Sundays ladling out stew at the local homeless shelter. She ladled the rice out of the large plastic tub, being careful to ensure that everyone got equal portions.
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ladle up

To serve a portion of something with a spoon or ladle. Often used in relation to some experience or emotion associated with what is being served. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ladle" and "up." There's nothing more satisfying than ladling bowls of delicious homemade chili up for the whole family. The local restaurant has been ladling up pure comfort with its award-winning chicken soup. Here, let me ladle some stew up for you.
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ladle something out of something

 and ladle something out
to scoop something out of something with a spoon or ladle. Marie ladled the last of the gravy out of the gravy boat and went to the kitchen for more. She ladled out the soup.
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ladle something up

to scoop something up in a ladle. Jerry ladled a cool dipper of water up and quenched his thirst. Please ladle up the soup and serve it.
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Nest box for intermediate ladle with quick change of dispensing nozzles, pcs.
4 When the pasta is a minute from being cooked take out 5 or 6 ladles of the pasta water, pour it into a bowl and set aside.
As the ladle swayed along to the next mould, he tilted a bucket of powdered blacking on to the bubbling steel and prodded the thick crust with a long iron rod.
It means that algorithm only analyze the current state of the ladle and can only make the alarm go off, if metal critical overheating has been detected.
Once the two cups of stock have been absorbed, pour in another ladle of chicken stock.
In the process of using ladle, the most common destruction is refractory lining's cracking and eroding, thus causing molten steel leakage.
By identifying the exact location of unexpected hot spots in a particular ladle, the system allows some partial re-linings to extend the life of the ladle.
GALA NIGHT AT THE LADLE HOTEL: A British Telecom charity gala gave Middlesbrough General Hospital's cavitron appeal a pounds 300 boost in October 1984.
Therefore, to average-out the temperature over the height of the ladle, it is usually necessary to use bottom blowing of metal with argon with the appropriate technical facilities (argon mains, porous inserts, regulating and controlling apparatus, etc).
Normally, after emptying a ladle of slag in the Celsa steelworks in Tremorfa, Cardiff, the crane would put the ladle down for pitside operators to work on.
Comprises a serving spoon, pasta spoon, small ladle, large soup ladle, slotted spoon and skimmer.
For Jeff Ladle, the firm's IS server manager, the move toward centralized management actually began several years ago with the need to automate software patch management.
Bellway has done a good turn for the first Marton Girl Guides pack by presenting them with reclaimed girl guiding beams found in the former Ladle public house at Middlesbrough.
Add stock a ladle at a time,allowing the rice to soak up all of the liquid before adding another ladle.