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lack the courage of (one's) convictions

To not have the confidence to act or behave in accordance with one's beliefs or ideologies, especially in the face of resistance, criticism, or persecution. The governor was presented with a bribe to help the corporation avoid regulation, and she accepted it because she lacked the courage of her convictions.
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not for (a) lack of trying

Despite putting forth a decent amount of effort or energy. A: "So, did he agree to go on a date with you?" B: "No. Not for lack of trying, mind you." I'm sorry your team lost, but it wasn't for a lack of trying!
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lack for (something)

To lack something one or something wants or requires, or would benefit from. You don't need to get me anything for my birthday, Mom—I really lack for nothing. The only thing he lacks for is the motivation to put his skills to goof use.
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lack for something

to lack something. We don't lack for new ideas. We lack for nothing, thank you.
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have/lack the courage of your conˈvictions

be/not be brave enough to do what you believe to be right: You say that cruelty to animals is wrong, so why not have the courage of your convictions and join our campaign?
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not for lack/want of ˈtrying

used to say that although somebody has not succeeded in something, they have tried very hard: He’s had no success in finding a job, though not for lack of trying.
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lack for

To be in need of something or someone. Used chiefly in the negative: She is very popular and does not lack for friends. Because he's rich, he doesn't lack for luxuries.
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The media mogul will portray Henrietta's daughter, now deceased Deborah Lacks, as she seeks to know the identity and life of her mother, who succumbed to death in 1951.
We are indebted to the Lacks family for their generosity and thoughtfulness.
Now, for the first time, the Lacks family has been given a say over at least some research involving her cells.
Few with program management experience can refute that many projects and programs falter because of lack of communication, lack of people skills, or lack of leadership skills, rather than a lack of technical program management skills.
Instead, motions to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction should be filed.
Differences are evident in the lack of parental experience with the college application process, how these students prepare for college both personally and academically, why they choose to attend college, and in their personal experiences and overall personality traits.
It is not uncommon for those who hold these values to convey a certain invulnerability that often translates behaviorally as lack of respect, under-appreciating multiple perspectives, objectivity polarized against emotion and intuition, failure to seek win-win solutions, or as insularity and lack of openness.
Despite the lack of beauty products, I am still giving you a list for this month's trip to the food market.
Incidentally, Lacks recently opened its 25,000-sq-ft research and testing laboratory to other manufacturers for contract testing.
The district and school do not provide a consistent and comprehensive instructional program to assist English learners in English-language development, and lack strategies for English learners to access the core content areas,'' the report on Tamarisk School said.
This is especially true if she, like millions of other people, lacks a key gene.
Most significantly, the law lacks any real enforcement mechanism, and the Department of Education has a long tradition of glacially slow enforcement.
Pecola hears Poland singing, and she listens to China signifying on Marie's story, but she lacks the cultural knowledge necessary to understanding.
If the educator lacks energy, the atmosphere initiates laziness and boredom.
In other cases, a person lacks knowledge about his or her spouse.