lack for

lack for (something)

To lack something one or something wants or requires, or would benefit from. You don't need to get me anything for my birthday, Mom—I really lack for nothing. The only thing he lacks for is the motivation to put his skills to goof use.
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lack for something

to lack something. We don't lack for new ideas. We lack for nothing, thank you.
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lack for

To be in need of something or someone. Used chiefly in the negative: She is very popular and does not lack for friends. Because he's rich, he doesn't lack for luxuries.
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1 lack for Miscellaneous Expenses, 2 lacks for the Bar, 1 lack and 50 thousand rupees for the polio program, 4 lacks for financial assistance for the family of the employees who died during the service /job, 5 lacks for libraries, 1 lacks rupees for the treatment of employees.
Frelick thus reads Sceve's love poems and the poetic project itself as moments of rupture and fragmentation: as "the opposition of the I and the other" which highlights the absence/presence and death/life antithesis of D144, a model poem of desire and lack for Frelick wherein the negative element forever subverts the positive element (28 ff).