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laced mutton

An outdated term for a prostitute. A: "I think that Lord Stewart is spending time with a laced mutton." B: "No, surely not!"
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lace into someone or something

 and light into someone or something
Fig. to attack, devour, or scold someone or something. We laced into a big meal of pork and beans. The bully punched John once, and then John really laced into him. John lit into him with both fists.
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lace someone into something

to tighten the laces of something someone is wearing. Sally helped Billy lace himself into his boots. The maid laced Gloria into her corset.
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lace someone up

to tie someone's laces; to help someone get dressed in a garment having laces. Would you please lace me up? I can't reach the ties in the back. I laced up Sally, as she requested.
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lace something up

to tie the laces of something. Lace your shoes up, Tommy. Lace up your shoes.
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lace something with something

to adulterate something with something, often with something alcoholic. Someone laced the punch with strong whiskey. Who laced my coffee with brandy?
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lace into

Also, light into. Attack, assail, as in He laced into me for arriving late, or She lit into him for forgetting the tickets. The first of these colloquial terms employs lace in the sense of "beat up or thrash," a usage dating from the late 1500s. The idiom with light dates from the late 1800s and stems from the verb meaning "descend."
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lace into

To attack or assail someone: The captain laced into me for getting to practice so late.
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lace up

1. To fasten shoes or clothing by tightening and tying laces: I laced up my skates before my lesson. We laced our hiking boots up before we headed out.
2. To tighten and tie the laces on someone's shoes or clothing: Come over here so I can lace you up. The assistant laced up the skater before the start of the competition.
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1. tv. to add alcohol to coffee or tea; to add alcohol to any food or drink. Who laced the punch?
2. tv. to add a bit of one drug to another; to add drugs to any food or drink. (Drugs.) Somebody laced the ice cubes with acid.
3. n. money. (Underworld.) You got any lace in those pockets?
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Queen Maxima Zorreguieta's wedding gown during her wedding with then-Crown Prince Willem-Alexander, now king of the Netherlands, in 2002 was a unique choice since she chose a high-neck structured dress with lace trimmings.
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The handmade lace industry across Europe collapsed after the 1920s, unable to survive slackening demand and the competition of improved mechanical production methods.
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From left: Damsel in a Dress Priscilla orange lace dress, pounds 174.
Lace also has Gothic properties, with its blend of innocence and eroticism; the magic and mystery of conceal and reveal.
Look ultra-chic in this black baby-doll dress with plunging lace neckline and black satin ribbon empire waist, by Vlassis Holevas.
Insert the lace straight across the bottom, coming up from both bottom eyelets.
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You'll probably get a sense of deja vu with all this lace around.
Knitted lace manufacturers are expanding their offerings beyond traditional patterns to include burn-out, sheer and contemporary looks.
And, in fact, George's new powers are a serious stumbling block in his bid for the heart of Lace Pennamin, the town's single mom newcomer (Kyra Sedgwick).