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labor at (something)

To work very hard or diligently to accomplish something. I've been laboring at my Ph.D. for nearly four years now. Pat's out back laboring at repainting the back wall.
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labor away (at something)

To work very hard or diligently (to accomplish something). I've been laboring away at my Ph.D. for nearly four years now. Pat always spends his Saturdays laboring away in the back garden.
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labor for (someone or something)

1. To work very hard or diligently on someone or something else's behalf. We have nearly 30 employees laboring for us at this company, and any decision we make will affect all of them as well! I labored for her political campaign for months, but the moment it was over I was brushed aside without so much as a fare thee well.
2. To work very hard or diligently in order to accomplish, achieve, or obtain something All of our volunteers labor for the betterment of people in need. The huge farming operation, which supplies states across the country, has been accused of forcing migrant workers to labor for only a few dollars an hour, far short of the national minimum wage.
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labor over (something)

To put in a lot of time, energy, and effort to successfully accomplish or complete something. I've been laboring over this dissertation for months now. My wife likes to plan every minute of our vacation, laboring over the tiniest details.
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labor the point

To talk about or emphasize something excessively and perhaps repetitively, usually to the extent that the listener becomes bored or annoyed. A: "I don't mean to labor the point, but I'm just worried that there won't be enough food at the party." B: "Yeah, we know, you've said that 10 times now." I'm only laboring the point because we still haven't reached a decision.
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labor under (something)

To live, function, or operate while believing something or holding an assumption of some kind, especially something that is not or may not be true. We all labored under the assumption that we would be getting paid overtime, so we all nearly quit when we realized that wasn't the case These politicians want us all to labor under the notion that they're our friends, looking out for our interests first and foremost.
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