labor for

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labor for someone or something

to work on behalf of someone or something. I labored for them all day, and they didn't even thank me. I have labored for this cause for many years.
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labor for something

to work in order to get something, such as money. I was laboring for a pittance, so I decided to get another job. I labor for the love of it.
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While the firm-determined product price exceeds marginal cost at the profit-maximizing quantity of output for a ppm, marginal revenue will equal marginal cost there; similarly, although the firm-determined wage is less than marginal revenue product at the profit-maximizing amount of labor for a rpm, marginal labor cost will equal marginal revenue product there.
In many countries, children work long hours at backbreaking labor for pennies a day.
In addition, it allows businesses greater freedom to lay off workers, increase working hours, and substitute labor for striking workers.
Andrew James Samet, former Deputy Under Secretary of Labor for International Affairs, has joined the firm.
Once fully deployed, the Enterprise Labor system will process time and labor for approximately 18,000 Boise Cascade employees.
Because the family provided the labor supply for the farm, the work of men and women, girls and boys had to be coordinated and organized to complete the labor for the entire farm.