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label (someone, something, or oneself) as (something)

To assign a particular descriptive category or characterization to someone, something, or oneself. Often used in passive constructions. I wouldn't label myself as a perfectionist by any means, but I do like to make sure I do a job right. He has been labeled as a traitor by the government after releasing classified military documents to the public. It's easy to label flashy cars like that as needless emblems of affluence, but once you get behind the wheel of one, you'll realize how wonderful they actually are to drive.
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label (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To imprint, inscribe, or attach an identifying or descriptive symbol, word, or name on someone or something. Be sure to label any food you keep in the staff fridge with your name so no one else accidentally eats it.
2. To refer to or identify someone or something with a term intended to designate or categorize them or it in some way, especially a negative one. They labeled him with all manner of slurs because of his stance on the issue.
3. To use a particular implement to imprint or inscribe an identifying symbol, word, or name on someone or something. Even though we all have our own cabinets, he still labels all his food with a black permanent marker. They labeled us with bright neon stamps so the bartenders knew we were old enough to drink.
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label mate

Someone who is a recording artist with the same studio label (as another person). I was a little worried to become label mates with a such a controversial artist, but the extra publicity has actually helped spur sales of our albums as well. The two were label mates for nearly 15 years before becoming a couple.
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label someone or something as something

to designate someone or something as something. She labeled him as an uncouth person. We labeled the committee as a worthless organization.
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label someone or something with something

to mark or identify someone or something with something. They labeled each person who had paid the admission fee with a symbol stamped on the hand. I labeled each book with my name.
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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