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label someone or something as something

to designate someone or something as something. She labeled him as an uncouth person. We labeled the committee as a worthless organization.
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label someone or something with something

to mark or identify someone or something with something. They labeled each person who had paid the admission fee with a symbol stamped on the hand. I labeled each book with my name.
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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DuraFast Label Company helps businesses print and protect their own labels with digital label presses, digital label finishing systems, and supplies such as blank label stock and STA Overlaminates.
Scotts also considered pressure-sensitive labels before deciding on IML.
The manufacturer of the Lomel bag was approached for a solution, and they recommended a labeling system using the Lomel Batch Labeling System, which uses labels made from the same 160 EVA film as the Lomel batch-inclusion bag, which allows the label to completely disperse, along with the bag.
Through its own distribution pipeline, Hitman Records also helps circulate the songs of over 30 other independent labels such as Roc Music, JazzyBoo Records, Tune Key Productions, and Jewel Thief Entertainment.
challenged them to research the labels currently in use to describe nursing home dwellers (i.
For each claim, there is a definition if applicable (or not; for instance, the site says there is "currently no standard definition" for terms such as environmentally friendly and environmentally safe), a statement of which group or groups endorse the claim, and a CU evaluation of the use of the claim on labels.
1 -- 2 -- color) Citrus labels from the San Fernando Heights Lemon Association celebrate California life with the ``Morning Sun,'' and ``Evening Star,'' brands.
It mean's your a great producer, you're hot and labels want you to produce product for them.
The written recollections of former workers, many of whom Nichols found still living in town, also hang among the framed citrus labels.
DuraFast Label Company stocks everything needed for businesses to print their own labels on demand including iSys Label, Afinia, UniNet, Epson, Primera, VIPColor, and NeuraLabel color label printers, black and white toner cartridges, replacement ink cartridges, blank label and tag stock, and label printing accessories.
All Spies' products are decorated in the mold with labels that may be flat or wrap-around, butterfly shape, or combination flat/split or wrap/flat.
CSPI Position: Labels should recommend intakes of fat and saturated fat that protected vulnerable people.
If a law made selling recordings more difficult, "there's no question the recording industry would pull off the labels," says Mickey Granberg, director of government relations for the National Association of Recording Merchandisers.