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label someone or something as something

to designate someone or something as something. She labeled him as an uncouth person. We labeled the committee as a worthless organization.
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label someone or something with something

to mark or identify someone or something with something. They labeled each person who had paid the admission fee with a symbol stamped on the hand. I labeled each book with my name.
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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provider of innovative labeling solutions, today announced the launch of the DYMO XTL(TM) series of industrial labelers -- the DYMO XTL 300 and DYMO XTL 500 label makers -- the most radical, innovative and technologically-advanced series of label makers, cartridges and software to join the DYMO family.
16) The agency must provide a manufacturer or private labeler's comments along with the disclosure if the manufacturer or private labeler requests this.
All Portable Labelers use interchangeable Portable Labeler Refill Cartridges from 3M that are easy to load, print and peel and are available in a variety of materials suitable for a variety of surfaces and environments.
In time, P-touch labelers gained a foothold in the consumer market, fueled in no small part by the imagination and creativity of our customers.
If you are working with a well established company that is not only a private labeler of tea but also carries their own proprietary brand, then you can benefit from their specialization in tea.
SureThing CD Labeler has come in time with the burgeoning growth of CD burners," said Jim Mayall, president of MicroVision Development.
The portable, elegant design of the 6dot Braille Labeler has made it popular with testers and users alike.
BH1600 durable general-purpose labeler with computerized controls and RCO change parts standard.
On the other hand, the increased demand on the part of the would-be private labeler for more elaborate packaging may be a function of advances in the capability of packaging machinery.
System Utilizes a FANUC Robot, Herma Labeler and Graphical Touch Screen Human Machine Interface
Within approximately two months, Label Mill/CSI created the Label Mill 3501 Vial Labeler using SATO America's M8485Se high-speed print engine and applicator technology from Label Mill.
The new Marathon XLU is the fastest labeler in the family, handling containers from 8 oz.
The labeler provides both right-side infeed and discharge.
Company combines field-proven, best-in-class technologies including Optel vision systems, Omega shrink bundlers, Belcor case erectors and case tapers and NJM/CLI labelers such as the Model 130 Bronco pressure sensitive labeler and Model 400 print & apply labeler.