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label someone or something as something

to designate someone or something as something. She labeled him as an uncouth person. We labeled the committee as a worthless organization.
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label someone or something with something

to mark or identify someone or something with something. They labeled each person who had paid the admission fee with a symbol stamped on the hand. I labeled each book with my name.
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label mate

n. someone who records on the same label (as the speaker). (Record industry.) Frank Duke is my label mate, and we like to get together and gossip about the record industry.
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The treated waste is then properly labeled and can simply be thrown away as common trash.
sees a productivity advantage from IML Benckiser now has bottles for three lines of products - about 25% of its total - labeled in-mold, vs.
At TW Packaging Twente BV in Goor, Netherlands, a six-cavity RDM 70 K system produces the labeled tubs at 12 cycles/min--about 17% slower than the normal 14 cycles/min without IML.
ClearOrbit's Compliance Label Manager is a rules-based software module that allows Doskocil to define and manage a variety of label formats and business rules governing the way items are labeled for outbound shipment.