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kowtow to (someone or something)

To seek esteem through deference to someone. Don't just kowtow to your boss—tell him what you really think.
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kowtow to someone or something

to grovel to someone or something. I won't kowtow to anyone! You don't expect me to go in there and kowtow to that committee, do you?
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kowtow to

To show someone or something excessive respect and obedience in order to gain or maintain favor: The peasants had to kowtow to the dictator. The staff kowtowed to every plan their boss proposed.
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Frankly, performing the grand kowtow in a kimono would have given our Prime Minister a little dignity last week.
The kowtow was an acknowledgement of the rights and obligations owed to a higher by a lower power.
Come to think of it, Richard, I would rather watch paint dry and grass grow than kowtow to an outdated monarch.
Tesco should not kowtow to the demands made by what is now a minority.
Conversely, it is a titanic shame the city's authorities have chosen to kowtow to the mean-spirited Liverpool RC archdiocese, who are adamant that under no circumstances will any of the many thousands of expected visitors to the city during 2008 be able to view the magnificent 16th-century Italian Renaissance religious artefacts housed in the recently closed - but listed - St Mary of the Angels Church in Everton.
ITEM: Fox television program host Fred Barnes wrote in the Wall Street Journal for November 23 that President Bush "won't kowtow to the D.
According to Mr Aldridge, women get jobs because they accept low pay, kowtow to their bosses and provide a shield of political correctness.
Instead of invoking the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution to uphold the legislative authority of Parliament, most MPs kowtow to unelected judges on the Supreme Court of Canada who have usurped ultimate power to enact, amend, and strike down the laws of Canada.
You may well have to kowtow to these opponents' need for attention to reinforce their sense of importance.
They trumpet "traditional values," which for them and the politicians who kowtow to them means their own sectarian convictions.
IN his letter last Saturday, R Robson of Consett posed the question, why do all Conservative leaders send our troops to war and kowtow to the Americans?
If you fudge your message and kowtow to the extent that the Labour voter doesn't know where you stand, you pay a price" - Ed Balls, a contender for the Labour leadership, accusing former PM Gordon Brown of having 'trimmed and fudged' the party's message to gain media support.
Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has a novel theory of why the Republicans fared poorly in November: They failed to kowtow enough to the Religious Right.
To leave one country in mourning to kowtow to a man who has caused so much grief in the world will be taken as a slap in the face.
Stanley's finance director Michael Riddy told the Daily Post last night: `` We will never kowtow to anybody threatening us in this way.