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and konk
n. the head. Where’d you get that nasty bump on your konk?


See conk


and konk-buster (ˈkɔŋkbəstɚ)
1. n. inferior liquor. Jed kept a jar of conk-buster under his bed against night sweats.
2. n. a hard-to-answer question or problem. Man, what you’re asking is really a conk-buster.


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I rang Guy Massey our engineer who had just finished working in Konk and he said he would try and so ort something out for us.
Li Sing Konk, Dean of the National Institute for Education of Singapore, signed at the minister's office in Riyadh the document which states the importance of exchange of experience and experiments in the fields of education and scientific research as well as training of educational cadres in the two countries.
They move in their own way CATAPULTED into the limelight by the overwhelming success of their debut album Inside In/ Inside Out, The Kooks cemented their reputation as one of the UK's best bands with 2008's follow up Konk.
Havva TALAY CALIS, [1] Serap TOMRUK SUTBEYAZ, [1] Emel GULER, [1] Canan HALICI, [2] Hatice SAYAN, [1] Ali KOC, [3] Metin KONK, [4] Julide Aksel YAZICIOGLU [1]
It was mixed by David Wrench with sumptuous strings added later at Ray Davies' legendary Konk Studios in North London, arranged and recorded by cellist Ben Trigg (Dexys, UNKLE, Arctic Monkeys).
Welcoming Snorbit, Supernose, Astrosnort, Snotty Professor, Nosebot, Karate Konk, Snout Dracula, Snortel and Stripey.
The Awakening, his first album for Island Records, was recorded in London's Konk Studios and largely produced by Bernard Butler.
The Kooks Junk Of The Heart Luke Pritchard's pop rockers return with the pleasant follow-up to 2008's Konk, which reveals a mellower version of the melodic radio-friendly sound that has divided fans and critics alike.
Davies recorded the majority of the tracks for See My Friends at his famed Konk Studios in London, but to secure his ultimate wish-list, he traveled wherever the music took him- Olso (Metallica), New Jersey (Bruce Springsteen), New York (Bon Jovi) and Chicago (Billy Corgan).
Miles, 24, from Hoylake was already a seasoned, captivating frontman when he went into The Kinks'' famed Konk studios in north London accompanied by Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals.
But the night's greatest draw came with UK headliners The Kooks, who played a set featuring tracks from their quadruple-platinum debut Inside In/Inside Out (2006), their number one follow-up Konk (2008) and their most recent effort Junk of the Heart (2011), which smashed into top 10s across Europe.
Released three years after their previous album Konk, its electronic feel reflected the band's development.
A pure Monteverde Bonk singer crossed with a pure Talamanca Kokk singer might produce a hybrid Konk singer, for example.
Major Products: Zep, Zep Commercial, Zep Professional, Enforcer, National Chemical, Selig Misty, Next Dimension, Petro, i-Chem, TimeMist, TimeWick, MicrobeMax, Country Vet, Konk, Blue Coral, Black Magic, Rain-X, Niagara National, Washtronics, FC Forward Chemicals, Rexodan, Mykal and a number of private labeled brands.