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and konk
n. the head. Where’d you get that nasty bump on your konk?


See conk


and konk-buster (ˈkɔŋkbəstɚ)
1. n. inferior liquor. Jed kept a jar of conk-buster under his bed against night sweats.
2. n. a hard-to-answer question or problem. Man, what you’re asking is really a conk-buster.


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The first album Felt, which includes singles Vitamin C and Runaway, was recorded at Liverpool's Parr Street Studios with Blossoms and The Coral producer Rich Turvey, London's Konk Studios with Arcade Fire collaborator Craig Silvey and London's Voltaire Studios with Cam Blackwood (George Ezra, Wolf Alice).
The price of African parrot, which was previously sold at Rs20,000, has now shot up to Rs60,000, that of canery's to Rs4,000 from Rs400, Jal to Rs10,000 instead of Rs1,800 and konk up to Rs9,000 from Rs1,500.
25pm Ar gymal olaf eu taith yn Llydaw bydd John Pierce Jones a Dilwyn Morgan yn hwylio i Concarneau neu Konk Kerne yn Llydaweg.
Four studio albums - including No1 Konk and No2 debut Inside In/Inside Out - later, a shoogle of the line-up and they're still going strong.
Scope of quantity or scope: More details are shown in section 3 "Specification" in konk.
41 and kennelmate Klockwork Konk the pick in the 8.
The single, which was recorded live at Konk studios and mixed by Cenzo Townshend (Florence & The Machine/The Maccabees), is available as a free download from www.
Li Sing Konk, Dean of the National Institute for Education of Singapore, signed at the minister's office in Riyadh the document which states the importance of exchange of experience and experiments in the fields of education and scientific research as well as training of educational cadres in the two countries.
Welcoming Snorbit, Supernose, Astrosnort, Snotty Professor, Nosebot, Karate Konk, Snout Dracula, Snortel and Stripey.
Lo explica bien Ray Davies--autor de la story del libreto--en el librillo que acompana al soundtrack de Sunny afternoon--producido por el mismo en los legendarios Konk Studios--: "Alguien comento recientemente que, a diferencia de otros musicales de este tipo, no se han hecho cambios a las letras de las canciones.
It was mixed by David Wrench with sumptuous strings added later at Ray Davies' legendary Konk Studios in North London, arranged and recorded by cellist Ben Trigg (Dexys, UNKLE, Arctic Monkeys).
Ray has been busy at the famous Konk recording studio established and managed by members of The Kinks and says he goes there as often as he can and is hoping to hold art gallery events there that everyone can enjoy.
Released three years after their previous album Konk, its electronic feel reflected the band's development.
But the night's greatest draw came with UK headliners The Kooks, who played a set featuring tracks from their quadruple-platinum debut Inside In/Inside Out (2006), their number one follow-up Konk (2008) and their most recent effort Junk of the Heart (2011), which smashed into top 10s across Europe.