know better

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know better

To be aware or capable of better or smarter behavior than one has demonstrated. You know better than to talk to strangers! What were you thinking? You know better than to try to question that professor—he doesn't care what we have to say.
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know better (than to do something)

to be wise enough, experienced enough, or well trained enough not to have done something wrong. Mary should have known better than to accept a lift from a stranger. Children should know better than to play in the road.
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know better

Be able to recognize something as wrong or not possible, as in Mary should know better than to leave her child alone in the house, or Try to get in without a ticket? You know better than that. [c. 1700]
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know better than

be wise, well-informed, or well-mannered enough to avoid doing something specified.
1989 Anne Fine Goggle-Eyes Inspector McGee knows better than to tangle with Beth's granny.
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know ˈbetter (than that/than to do something)

be sensible enough not to do something: You left the car unlocked? I thought you’d know better.He knows better than to judge by appearances.
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References in classic literature ?
My meaning is that I am a man," said Stryver, inflating himself at his friend as he made the punch, "who cares more to be agreeable, who takes more pains to be agreeable, who knows better how to be agreeable, in a woman's society, than you do."
"Well," he says, "there's excuse for picks and letting-on in a case like this; if it warn't so, I wouldn't approve of it, nor I wouldn't stand by and see the rules broke -- because right is right, and wrong is wrong, and a body ain't got no business doing wrong when he ain't ignorant and knows better. It might answer for YOU to dig Jim out with a pick, WITHOUT any letting on, because you don't know no better; but it wouldn't for me, because I do know better.
Once again after the 2009 campaign, Sidon youth are engaged in the critical task of deciding the city's future and creating their own understanding of what future they want in Sidon within a clear application to place based policies under the clear conviction that the people knows better.
After reading the last epistle from Mr Martinek it's clear he knows better than the opinions of the economists I have been reading.
When a Cambodian man is lured under false pretenses and subjected to forced labor far from home, he knows better than anyone how we mitigate that risk.
Cllr Carr also says: "Mr Lane seems to think he knows better than the many engineers, developers, planners, regional and national agencies."
<![CDATA[ When a Jew who knows better tries to blacken Israel, it causes a special kind of revulsion.
Cllr Hurst, in the words of a judge, was "guilty of dirty tactics of the worst kind", yet the leader of our council thinks he knows better.
ANNE Johnson knows better than most the potentially fatal consequences of spending too long on a sunbed - her daughter, Emma, died aged 25 from skin cancer thought to have been caused by her use of them.
YOU could almost see the sarcasm dripping from Darren Clarke as he conceded Colin Montgomerie knows better about Gleneagles' suitability as a Ryder Cup venue.
Carl Green's wife is dead, and though the local medical examiner claims it was from natural causes, he knows better. Determined to exact a blood price, Carl targets the small town of Cutter Falls, Wisconsin, in full knowledge of the secret of the Swaybuck.
she says, "Nobody Knows better what is right for us than us."
"No one knows better than CPAs about what a huge problem financial illiteracy is--it is rampant throughout our state and our country," said Mitchell Freedman, CPA/PFS, a founder and chair of the California Jump$tart Coalition and a member of CalCPA's Financial Literacy Committee.
Certainly no one knows better than she how to interpret the flavor and the flow of her own sprightly words.
After all, who knows better than a camp director how to help campers navigate the whitewaters of childhood and adolescence?