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Luis Enrique Sanchez, 43, of Eugene, charged with knowingly conspiring to possess and distribute one kilogram or more of heroin and 50 grams or more of pure meth.
(Libel is the publication of knowingly false statements that injure a person's reputation, the written form of slander.) If it were easy to sue for libel, the Supreme Court has reasoned, public figures could use lawsuits to keep the press from aggressively reporting the news.
"But he can promise that he will not knowingly do harm."
The journalists decry the fact that the campaign targets children, and question its timing, months after the company was accused of knowingly dumping human waste into a river that provides drinking water for local communities.
But this latest show, which seems deliberately tilted in favor of the artist's early research, conveys a sort of longing for heroism, in particular the kind that is found in defeat, and in the pleasure of identifying with the hero who knowingly throws himself into a losing situation.
The Florida state court judge presiding in the case read a statement to the jury chastising Morgan Stanley for its failures in the e-discovery process, which he said "was done knowingly and deliberately, and in bad faith." As punishment for failing to produce required data, the jury members were told they could assume there was a conspiracy.
The law prohibits the three agencies from knowingly disseminating bad data and bans application of any political litmus test to experts under consideration as outside advisers.
2-3 (b) It is unethical to knowingly fail or refuse to promptly submit any relevant documentation or information that is or should be in the possession or control of such Member when requested to do so by the Appraisal Institute, an Appraisal Institute committee or member thereof, or one of their duly authorized agents.
After you pick one, he knowingly reveals that one of the doors you didn't pick is empty.
While Burroughs called the family the Finches, the real-life Turcottes of Northampton, Mass., are contending in a lawsuit that Burroughs "fabricated events" in the book in an effort to "knowingly cause harm and humiliation" to their family.
The measure would also make it illegal to knowingly and intentionally place a device aboard a vessel that is likely to damage or destroy the vessel; discharge or release any substance that would endanger human welfare or the marine environment; or transport any explosive, biological, chemical, or nuclear material to be used to commit terrorism.
Under the proposal, if an examiner serves as the senior examiner for a depository institution or depository institution holding company for two or more months during the examiner's final twelve months of employment with an agency or Reserve Bank, the examiner may not knowingly accept compensation as an employee, officer, director, or consultant from that institution or holding company, or from certain related entities.
Supreme Court has remained steadfast in its position that for a defendant to waive the privilege against self-incrimination, the government must establish that the defendant did so knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily.
The United States filed a complaint alleging that federal inmates knowingly filed financial papers in which they falsely identified themselves as secure parties, intending to harm the creditworthiness and reputations of federal judges and prison officials.
Those who knowingly deliver or dispose returnable containers or tires would face a fine of up to $500.