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Evidence available in the public record makes it clear that the Justice Department and other branches of the federal government were aware of at least as much as Lindh is accused of knowing.
They appealed their convictions claiming that there was insufficient evidence to prove knowing possession of the drugs in the UPS package.
It's not just about coming in and knowing how to sew and design.
I mean, growing up gay, knowing I was different--marriage was just, "Well, I won't do that," and you push it aside.
Good boy" I said in earnest, knowing too late how patronizing it sounded.
Still, knowing your own family's rules doesn't always make them any easier to deal with.
I came in one night about twelve and wrote until about six in the morning and went to sleep without even knowing what I had written.
Knowing something about how heredity and environment have interacted over the course of a child's life to shape a certain behavior guides our approach with that child.
You'll feel better knowing she's getting the help she needs and that you did the right thing.
I also make it a routine to gather my own information, and the people who work with me know me very well; they know what I'm uncomfortable knowing and not knowing, what I need to know and don't know, and I encourage them to "cc" me on [e-mail messages].
By knowing one's borrower, building and transaction at the front-end of a lending transaction, broker and realtor will increase the likelihood that a loan gets made, and at an amount, rate and with terms that are consistent with what was initially offered by the lender.
Two problems keep us from knowing which factor really matters as a cause of violence and which is irrelevant.
Always respond honestly to questions, but knowing when to disclose can be as important as what is disclosed.
I wondered about how lonesome Jesus must have felt in hell, that it would be hard to be in a place like that knowing it was full of people who hated him--so much that they'd tried to kill him.