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He had better means and opportunities of knowing. He knew their many noises that were as grunts and slubbers.
Nutty invites you down here, knowing that you are Lord Dawlish.
(husband), and to tell him who I was; but not knowing what temper I might find him in, or how much out of temper rather, I might make him by such a rash visit, I resolved to write a letter to him first, to let him know who I was, and that I was come not to give him any trouble upon the old relation, which I hoped was entirely forgot, but that I applied to him as a sister to a brother, desiring his assistance in the case of that provision which our mother, at her decease, had left for my support, and which I did not doubt but he would do me justice in, especially considering that I was come thus far to look after it.
It might be worth knowing what this strange man's business was with Lightwood, or Wrayburn, or both, at such an unseasonable hour.
He had seen you indeed, before he came to Bath, and admired you, but without knowing it to be you.
In my bitterness, now known well, I cried, I cried out, again, again, I would not accept my roots, I would not turn to face my early sense of mist, of motion, I turned back to my pictures, torturing toward them, knowing now in full though a little before torturing, wishing toward them, strong in wishing, dangling with a sense of becoming them, of making them me, leaving roots and becoming new species pictured separate above, but every observation turned me back to my early sense of mist, of motion, and with this early sense the sense of its leaving me, the sense of separation, and in this I know well decreed, I know separation is decreed, my chains decreed, my roots.
That means knowing the product so well that they can explain it to a customer in the customer's language, without jargon, buzzwords, acronyms or specialized terms that they cannot readily explain in plain English.
It read something like this: "An architect is someone who starts out knowing nothing about everything and as time goes on learns less and less about more and more.
However, it helps me sleep well at night knowing people like all of you are on the job.
There's a lot more to drama studies, comedic timing and improvisation than just putting on blond hair and playing a ditz or knowing how to cry on cue.
Camp people find comfort in knowing that throughout the whole year, no matter what goes wrong, everything will be ok once you get to camp.
That would make the office atmosphere better, the work would get done, the patients would get better care, and I think everyone would feel better about what was accomplished, knowing that we did it as a team.
As the authors come to the knowing of self, other, task and situation from various frameworks, and cross boundaries of leadership knowledge, we hope the reader enjoys the essays on teaching leaders and leadership contained herein.
If I am willing to look in that mirror and not run from what I see, I have a chance to gain self-knowledge--and knowing myself is as crucial to good teaching as knowing my students and my subject." (1)
Not knowing the exact amount is insufficient to absolve him of the knowledge criteria.