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Eckhart uses a phrase from the Gospel, "The Son alone knows the Father," as well as an axiom inspired by the classical doctrine of the connection of virtues, "Only the just knows justice," to develop his thesis that knowledge requires being in the known and that the knower is constituted by the act of knowledge.
Each code is distinguished by how it positions the relationship between knowledge and objects of study, epistemic relations (ER), and between knowledge and the knower, social relations (SR) (Maton, 2016).
Later we will (mixing metaphors) "pull the plug" to collapse the "house of cards" while still retaining a knower.
Manjapra does not describe the way Enlightenment subjectivity remains inscribed at the heart of the epistemic project of modernity or the way the relation of the knowing subject to its external reality--as its observer, knower, master, and maker--is presumed by many of the fields he discusses (physics, international economics, Marxist criticism, geocultural studies, psychoanalysis, and expressionist art theory and practice; only in the last two cases would Manjapra's claim hold).
ALLAH says: "He is the First and the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden, and He is the Knower of all things.
Palmer writes that the teacher is a mediator between the knower and the known, between the learner and the subject to be learned.
According to his account of the person, knowledge is not a flat collection of interchangeable facts, but a process of continual development (or regression) that transforms the knower and makes him more capable of both absorbing knowledge and applying it to his life.
Randy Molde, head internet guru and knower of all such things.
God transcends not only all objects but every human knower.
Gallant, 35 Knower Road, is listed for town treasurer/collector; Hee Shee Eagle, 6 Frog Hollow Road, and Kimberly A.
This is the perfection of a knower in so far as he knows; for something is known by a knower by reason of the fact that the thing known is, in some fashion, in the possession of the knower.
In addition to the knowledge code, the LCT approach also draws on the concept of the knower code.
For example, Mignolo argues, that although critical theory questions the separation of the knower and the known, it fails to question the epistemic presupposition that the knowing subject is the European modern subject.
The legacy of interpretive pedagogy is severely at risk, he says, and the solution must begin at the very basic pedagogy: the relationship between teacher and taught, between learning learner and text, between the knower and the knowing.
The Siddhas have it that the knowledge of the self confers bliss and helps the merger of the knower and the known.