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However, as Palmer and Groves (2000) note, in some cases the unacknowledged expectation of Indigenous witnesses is that they draw on social relations and knower codes.
Their confidence as knowers melted away as they moved back into their school settings.
The word [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], here, is clearly a circumstantial participle, and as such it describes the circumstances under which becoming an actual knower takes place, not the process of becoming an actual knower itself.
Nolan's legitimacy as a knower in Jeremiah's eyes stemmed from the fact that "he's read it [the Old Testament] all, studied it in-depth, [and] went to Hebrew school.
The more time she spends in the country over the course of her career, the more forcefully she locates herself as a different kind of knower from that apparently produced and privileged by the US-Americans.
It would appear likely that a textualized chirographically controlled language such as Learned Latin aided greatly in establishing the distance between observer and observed, between the knower and the known, that science and especially modern science, required.
Throughout, CSF II had a very clear sense of who the ideal knower was and what their knowledge should enable.
The person who is an absolute knower, the first category in the taxonomy, seeks to learn by receiving knowledge of what is right from authorities (teachers or experts).
For him, knowing the universe was not a purely intellectual process, but one that was intimately shaped by the will, desire, and enthusiasm of the knower.
Ponganis, his Scripps colleague Torrence Knower Stockard, and an international team found that when diving, penguins nearly deplete the oxygen in the special avian air sacs attached to their lungs.
The exhibition encourages a poetic and yet to some extent also a scientistic mode of perception: "The modern revolt against what Foucault calls 'the sovereignty of the signifier' helps us think of the creation of new descriptions, new vocabularies, new genres as the essentially human activity--it suggests the poet, rather than the knower, as the man who realizes human nature," in Rorty's words.
Allah is the Exalted; "He is Allah, beside Whom La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He) the Knower of the unseen and the seen.
But I end the film with a blessing, "G-d is knower of secrets.
Writing separates "the knower from the known" (7) and "develops a new kind of precision in verbalization by removing it from the rich but chaotic existential context of much oral utterance.
Regardless of my personal feelings, or moralistic objections to the obvious formats that had been ripped off, I know in my knower that the ugly thing will work.