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Essence is the "what it is to be" (to ti en einai) of anything, satisfying the criteria of being definable, knowable, separable, prior in cause and time.
Accepting a knowable reality can account for the continuous progress of humanity because it makes knowledge-reality correspondence the supreme measure of valid knowledge.
McKeon suggests that this forced them to imagine the interior position of a different person with a fundamentally distinct and not fully knowable private self.
All tyrants deny the existence of a knowable human nature.
After learning to negotiate a world riddled with conundrums and oddball people, he folds into a fetal position; in a world where the knowable is ultimately unknowable, the end of the journey is also its beginning.
Somerville holds that there is a universal, absolute metaphysical truth and that there are universal moral principles, knowable to all cultures.
Although Hawkes's estimate of about 260 graves, allowing for pre-excavation losses, for the complete cemetery is probably not wide of the mark, her count of 248 knowable burials (p.
Not the task of telling that story in a linear way, or in any way that would make the story explicitly knowable to a listener, but rather, to tell the story to myself.
Apparently, it is knowable that a given individual has purchased a novel instead of an exercise bike, grazed at a fast food outlet in lieu of a vegetarian diner.
It assumes that all facts are ultimately knowable, and that facts can finally interpret themselves.
Humanists can begin by noting that their position is not that there aren't any objectively knowable and absolute truths in the world but, rather, that philosophy and science have so far been unable to establish any.
What we end up with is less than a history of Reims in the late tenth century and rather more than the knowable biography of Richer.
Someone within my knowable circle has had a face-lift.