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If the effects of the interaction are ascertainable, the harm of any drug interaction is therefore objectively knowable because it is just a matter of including that particular drug combination in clinical trials.
Indeed, a manufacturer can avoid liability easily and cheaply by providing warnings of known or knowable dangers.
in order to "render and/or confirm the self," arguing that since the early 19th century artists have pushed imaging technologies to interrogate the limits of subjectivity, thus exposing the "inexorable failure of the self as a coherent knowable entity.
It 's directed to the executive who would use risk management givens and unknowns to make better business decisions: chapters directed to this audience explain how to identify knowable and unknowns, how to uncover facts to turn unknowns into knowns, and how to assess which risks are learnable and changeable.
Political behavior is knowable, it would seem, so that political culture can be reduced to behavior, and certainly there turns out to be more politics than culture in the book.
Among the works in the artist's recent show at CRG Gallery was one of the large-scale star atlases as well as a set of books, in watercolor and ink wash, depicting large rocks and clusters of rocks--a proposition that is less visually imposing than the celestial panoramas, instead approaching intimacy with the natural world through smaller and more knowable portions.
In his letter, Bishop Fabbro also denied that Bill C-38 was necessary as a remedy against discrimination; that marriage cannot be anything than what it is, a union between a man and a woman; that this is not something "religious" but knowable by the light of natural reason; and that it is wrong to think that in a secular state the ethical values of religion are to be relegated to the private realm.
Ron decided what was knowable and what was not to be known.
Religious intellectuals, who are high in curiosity, value a God who is knowable through reason, while doers, who have weak curiosity, may value a God that is knowable only through revelation.
The slow burning suspense noir blurs the line between the knowable and the imagined as Harry's quest becomes increasingly obsessive and possibly delusional.
But the irrelevance of storytelling is exactly what the book refutes: with continual reminders of 9/11 seeping in, the stories explore the ways language and narrative try (and sometimes fail) to make the world, experience, and even the self knowable.
Unlike the genome, which Hood characterized as "digital" and so "ultimately knowable," the proteome is affected by a multitude of external factors.
By examining Old Hickory's private relationships and intimate correspondence, he tries to make Jackson "more knowable.
What reasonable grounds are there for suspecting that the truth,as far as it is knowable, has not already been established?
The thesis of Christian Faith: The Basics is that God exists, is knowable, and wants to be known by us.