know your stuff

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know (one's) stuff

To be very knowledgeable or skilled in some area. I think Nicole is our best candidate for the job—she really knows her stuff when it comes to corporate accounting.
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know your ˈstuff

(informal) know everything that you should know about a job, a subject, etc: I was very impressed by your lawyer. He really knows his stuff.
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You might have questionable taste when it comes to the newspaper columns you read but when it comes to dodgy footballers, you certainly know your stuff.
"To win big money on this show you have to know your stuff," he said.
First, he said, it is important to be prepared educationally, to know your stuff, then work cooperatively to encourage the free flow of ideas.
If you're an out-of-town-reporter and you want to convince your editors that you really know your stuff, nothing works like a boll weevil in your lead.
It will show prospect investors/lenders that you know your stuff and are capable of pulling this off.
Our clients and tenants want to know that you know your stuff; that you've done it before and can do it again; and (again) that you know your stuff.
nightly business report, believes that if you "know your stuff - know how the media operates and what they want from you" - you're prepared.
Biz Replies You need to make sure your business plan is well researched and thorough and shows the bank manager you know your stuff - where you are heading with your venture, your competitors, the figures and the market in general.